Thank you for considering Litchfield County as an effective advertising tool for your business needs.

Litchfield County is made up of local sports writers who have been covering the local sports scene for over 50 years.

Timothy W. Gaffney, Rick Wilson, Patrick Tiscia and other local freelance writers such as John Torsiello have been telling the stories of the people who play sports on the high school, college or local level.

We are not limited by space or time in the endless world of the internet.

Take a moment and visit our web-site and you will see a site designed for ease of use and to help advertisers get the best bang for their buck.

Pictures, video and the stories about local people and events fill the site with more improvements coming soon, including an event-specific photo-gallery and more videos.

The best feature we offer for our advertisers is the ability to track how your ad is being viewed.

Newspapers, phone books and placemats can give you general numbers of how many potential customers see your ad, but we can dig deeper.

Not only can we tell you how many impressions of your ad are seen by our readers but we can tell you how many times a potential customer clicks directly on your ad.

Getting people to your site is our objective and our percentages have been remarkable; we are exceeding rates shown by some of the biggest, pay-for-view newspaper web-sites across the country.

The local sports scene is still relatively under-covered.

Litchfield County has access to every local public high school, private school and club team.

We have worked hard over the years developing relationships with athletic directors, coaches and owners of local sports outlets.

We do games but more importantly, we do features on the people who play the games.

Don’t have a web-site? Don’t worry, we can help you get your name out there through different means that won’t cost you a cent.

We have two distinct ad sizes to choose from and each gives you a unique presence. We design your ad at no cost to you.

For more information, call Tim Gaffney at 860-480-5776. Tim is a Torrington resident who can answer your questions immediately.

Thank you for considering Litchfield County

Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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