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$100.00 = Grand Slam

Scott Langenhein
Dean and Sherrie Pergola
Michael Colangelo
Ray Tanguay
Tony Turina
John Geltz
Mark Church

$75.00 = 3-point Game Winner

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$50.00 = Touchdown

Gaitan Rodriguez
Lisa Sanson
Michael and Susan Fritch
Nick and Natalie Giampaolo
Christine ands Eric Gamari
Pat Fairchild
Ed Gadomski
Cheryl Considine
Gerry and Elinor Carbone

$25.00 = Penalty Kick

John Woods
Jerry Traub
Diane Manchester
Laurie and Brad Otis
John Fabiaschi
Rich Zalusky
Jim and Susan Considine
Edward Fedor
Ed Corey
Brian Campbell
Kat Zagrodnik
Michael Ciesco
Cheri Cote
Joe Friscia
Curtis Anthony
Sharri Royals
Ali Bronson
Joe Perusse
Michael Fabiaschi
Rick Dubois
Jason Apruzzese
Ink Spot of Thomaston
Country Cleaners of Thomaston
Red Sox and the Apple Watch. Do all teams bend or break the rules?

Yes, Boston teams just get caught more often.
No, everyone is honest (curb laughter).
If a Mets employee tried to cheat, they would get hurt doing so.
Who cares? Is it football season yet?

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