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Press Release from the Litchfield Park and Rec on Discover Essentrics Class on April 27.

POSTED April 02, 2019
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Stretch Your Body, Stretch Your Lifespan

Discover Essentrics Class at The Town Hall Annex on April 27th, 9am -10:30am


Bantam, CT.  Everyone knows stretching is good for your body, but most people don’t stretch their entire body. They may stretch their hamstrings or their quads but how many stretch their toes, their spine or their fingers? Essentrics was designed to do just that. It’s a gentle, full-body stretching and strengthening program that works all 650+ muscles and 360 joints. Even more, it’s a zero-impact exercise program that can help people of all fitness levels re-balance their body, gain strength, increase joint mobility and relieve chronic pain.

On Saturday, April 27th at 9am- 10:30am a Discover Essentrics Class will take place in the Bantam Gym at the Town Hall Annex. The event is hosted by Essentrics Instructor and Morris resident Maureen Bellmay and will feature a short discussion about Essentrics and why it helps liberate and unlock your body. Bellmay teaches Essentrics in Morris, at the Bantam Gym at The Town Hall Annex and Akasa in Thomaston. Guest instructor Dyan DeCastro from Shelton, CT will lead a one-hour standing workout.

“Our bodies are designed to move. If we don’t move all of our body those muscles not moved will atrophy, then we become stiff and eventually aches and pain set in.” says DeCastro. “Doing Essentrics is a sensible and fun way to keep the body healthy as we age.” It’s a program that can keep you active, strong and pain-free whether you’re 30 or 80.”

Event participants need to bring an exercise mat, water and a beach towel. Class is done in bare feet. The 1½-hour event costs $25. Pay at the door.

To register or get more info contact Maureen: or 860-601-1714.

To learn more about Essentrics visit: or

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