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The state of the New York Mets. Yikes.

POSTED July 12, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: I haven’t written a column about the hapless baseball team that plays in Flushing, Queens in a while and did not take the bait when they started the season at 11-1.

I’ve been a New York Mets fan for longer than I would like to admit so I am used to not falling for a fast start and the hopes and dreams that this may be a great season.

As an organization, the Mets are simply a mess. They have been for a good number of years and even when they do get a chance to do something special, the self-destruct button is never that far away because, you know, they’re the Mets.

It’s been predictably comical to watch a team that started the year by winning 11 of their first 12, implode to the point that they lost their 51 of their last 76.

So here in the second week of July, I once again don’t have to do much of anything in October when playoff baseball comes around. No late nights, no worrying if they are going to make a run deep into the fall.

Nah, they’re the Mets. Not going to happen.

It sometimes seems that this organization, or at least the folks at the top, live in a bubble, free of seeing anything bad or anything that they have something to do with.

All is well in Mets land, they must think.

As a family, we gave up cable more than a year ago, meaning I don’t see any Mets games this year and for that, I am so grateful. Sure, I check on my phone occasionally for an update or the next morning for a score but I’m sure I’ll see either another blowout or a Jacob deGrom beauty that the team didn’t score in, again.

I saw a survey today that said that James Dolan, the owner of another horrendous big-market team in the Knicks, was more popular than the Wilpon family, the folks that are responsible for this disaster near La Guardia Airport.

Think about that, a guy who has run his team into the concrete beneath Manhattan around 34th street is more popular.

If I’m the Wilpon’s, I would be concerned.

Worse than James Dolan? Wow, that’s bad.

Now, I doubt they care. Who am I? Who are these goofy Mets fans?

What do they want, a winning team?

The nerve.

We recently had an anniversary party for the LCS Magazine where we raffled off a pair of Mets tickets for the single admission double-header that took place on Monday night between the Phils and Mets.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to get someone to take the tickets.

Usually when you win a raffle, it’s sunshine and happiness but not when you have to see the Mets play.

What was even more stunning was the cost of the tickets.

Under a Jacob deGrom promotion that ran over the past two weeks, fans could get four tickets for $48 dollars. That’s not a misprint, that’s $12 dollars per ticket.

I picked up two for the raffle and the total cost was $33 dollars. The eventual kids that went paid nearly that much to park. Sorry about that.

They did though, see a Wilmer Flores walk-off home run in game one if they were still there so that was cool.

A second game loss was inevitable, you know, because they’re the Mets.

The entire thing is broken.

The farm system, the major league team and don’t get me started on the medical staff.

To be treated by a Mets doctor is to risk losing a body part at some point forgetting who you are or never being heard from again.

The amazing (no pun intended) thing about the medical staff is that the woes seem to only get worse.

Now, picking up over the hill vets that are bound to break down doesn’t help, see Adrian Gonzalez or Yoenis Cespedes and you know, until I thought of his name, I forgot the later was on the team!

He is listed on the 10-day disabled list since May 13, 2018. I’m not great at math but…

In 2017, Cespedes appeared in just 81 games, that would be half of a season for those scoring at home.

This year it has been just 37 and we are nearing the half way point in the season.

I often tell folks not to complain unless they have a solution, so I’ll practice what I preach.

The Wilpon family needs to figure out a way to get from under this albatross that is broken beyond repair.

There has got to be a deep pocketed guy or gall out there that wants to own what could be a big market team if they just started to act that way.

The Bernie Madoff scandal is a bone of contention with fans. Did it or did it not hurt the owner’s efforts and you know what? I don’t think we will ever know and I don’t really care.

Nobody is going to games. Nobody wants to come play here right now.

They list their attendance as averaging 30,138 a game. Let me stop laughing for a minute.

That must include the passengers on the planes that fly overhead during games.

Look around and see how some of the successful teams have rebuilt. Start in the Bronx where they went young, added a few big pieces and seem to be on their way to a monster season.

Band aids and bubble gum as no longer going to get this done.

I’ve stopped going to multiple games a year and may not hit one this year at all. The Yard Goats in Hartford are much more fun to watch and I’m not out $18 bucks for a bridge!

If the Mets want fans like me back, the have to start acting like they own a jewel of a franchise and not a farm team from Idaho. Sorry Idaho, you probably do a great job.  

I would like to have to stay up late just once in October while I’m still standing. Is that too much to ask?


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