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Torrington MACONY rolls over Terryville in 5, 24-7. By Ethan Shea.

POSTED July 10, 2018
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Second place Torrington took on last place Terryville in Macony baseball action on Monday afternoon at Fischer Field in Terryville.

Torrington’s offense exploded, scoring two dozen times in a 24-7 win that was shortened to a five- inning game as the mercy rule came into play.

The Torrington offense racked up those 24 runs on 20 hits, as they batted around each of the first two innings.

They also scored at least once in each inning, starting with an eleven-run outburst in the top of the first, and by the time things wrapped up, every player in the starting nine had crossed the plate at least once.

Two of the biggest performances of the night for Torrington came from their number four and five hitters, Marcus Bloom and MJ McGillicuddy.

Bloom was four for five with four singles and four runs scored, while McGillicuddy was three for five with three doubles.

Terryville scored seven times, including five in the bottom of the fifth, but there was simply no overcoming Torrington’s 24-run onslaught.

Terryville threw four pitchers while Torrington threw starter Charlie Pataky for two innings and relieved him with lefty Brian Bassler.

As most folks in Torrington know, it was just around this time last year that Bassler was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia, and as Coach John Reynolds mentioned, it really is something special to see him out on the mound again.

Bassler pitched for the Torrington High School team this spring and was an inspiration to anyone who witnessed his remarkable comeback.

The University of Tampa bound lefty was honored at Dunkin Donuts Park on Sunday and threw out the first pitch before the yard Goats 4-1 win.

He will be heading to Hawaii soon, thanks to the fine folks at Make-A-Wish who set up the trip.

This Torrington team, according to Coach Reynolds is, “good enough to beat anybody.”

With that in mind, they trail only the undefeated Northwest, and they have their eyes set on their meeting in Torrington’s next game on July 12 in Sheffield at 6:00.

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