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$10,000 Super Bowl tickets. Are you kidding??

TORRINGTON: $10,000 dollars for a seat behind one of the end zones.

That’s what the going price is for one, one mind you, ticket to the Super Bowl next Sunday in Las Vegas as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Fransico 49er’s battle for the championship.

If it weren’t so obscene, it would be funny.

Even if I could afford it, I really hope I would figure out a better way to spend so much money on just one seat.

Now, that doesn’t guarantee you a good time or even a good hot dog (if they even serve them for under $100 on location) or a good game or a good neighbor sitting next to you.

It’s estimated that it would cost in excess of $12,000 for one person for the weekend and that’s on the low side.

Let’s look at what else could be done with just the ticket prices, which are up 300% over the past decade.

You could buy 2785 gallons of milk.

You could buy 1253 pounds of rice.

You could buy 4000 loaves of bread.

You could buy 2531 pounds of ground meat.

You could buy 2617 pounds of chicken.

You could buy 13,332 bananas.

You could buy 7936 gallons of water.

With 65,000 in attendance, hold on, I need a bigger calculator, at the average price of $10,000, that’s 650,000.00.

650 million.

For one day, For one game.


If just half that total was donated to local food pantries, or homeless shelters, imagine the good?

Now, I know, it’s good for the local economy and for those folks working in the area and for airlines and hotels.

But 650 million? Just from ticket sales?

We could do so much more with half that money.

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