A Facebook block backfires.

Litchfield: Doesn’t it seem like the dumbest thing one could do?

On Friday, our lead writer, Rick Wilson put together a story on two local coaching legends, Rob Andrulis and Brent Hawkins, being informed that they would not be offered coaching positions when the new Region 20, Lakeview High School opens next fall.

Now, to be clear, the folks who run the district have every right to hire who they chose, that’s never been a debate.

Nor do they have to give reasons if they choose not to.

The story is on this site and was on our Facebook page Friday night into Saturday morning. We always promote what we write on the social media platform as a way to get folks to read the great work we strive to put out.

Nothing unusual there either.

Until there was something unusual.

The story of the two coaches not being offered the jobs suddenly disappeared from Facebook.

It had been removed after someone complained to Facebook about the content, which was not outrageous or insulting or personal in nature.  

When I tried to post it, I met a similar fate of being rejected due to the complaint.

This is where the action taken to keep the story from being read, becomes the story.

Hence, my first line.

By attempting to deny folks from reading it and perhaps questioning what’s going on with decisions in the district, it becomes the story.

Now, I have no idea who posted the complaint, the first mind you in our 15-years as a media outlet, nor do I care.

It just amazes me that someone would think this would not bring more light and scrutiny and focus on what’s going on.

Transparency is always key, as is having a little thick skin when being asked basic questions.

Nothing happens in a bubble folks, people eventually find out and figure out what’s going on.

By hoping people would not talk about, it, the opposite is happening.

Let’s hope this does not continue.

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