Torrington Kids Marathon

The Torrington Kids Marathon is held in June

For the past four years, LCS has been proud to host this magnificent event, the brainchild of former Olympian, Rod Dixon.

Each June, we gather to celebrate with a “Final Mile” event that caps off a 10-week effort by area grammar and middle school students who complete the last mile of their 26.2 -mile journey in front of friends and family.

Nearly 500 participants from 15 local schools, spread throughout Litchfield County come together at Torrington High School.

Getting and keeping our children physically fit has been the goal of Kids Marathon since Dixon started the program nearly two decades ago. It has grown in the United States and worldwide ever since. 

While the 2020 event could not be held because of the pandemic, we are working on a virtual KN in 2021 with hopes that the celebration comes back live in 2022.

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