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Another Stellar Year for the Raider Rally

The last week has seen some exciting momentum for Torrington High School’s Raider Rally. A student-run food drive at Stop and Shop helped to put the total for donations at $4107!

Student representatives from all grades manned a table from 10-2, educating the public about this charity drive and collecting cash and food donations. All proceeds go directly to help four Torrington charities: Susan B. Anthony Project, FISH, Friendly Hands Food Drive, and Community Kitchen.

The Raiders Rally program, started in 2013, encourages all THS students to get involved in community service. By collecting donations, students are able to participate in a four hour team building field day. Class competition encourages participation in the event, and students get involved in organizing and running the events.

This year marks the last Raiders Rally being run from the current Torrington High School. The new school is scheduled to open in 2025; this year’s seniors are the last class to graduate from the current building. To mark the occasion, students are reaching out directly to alumni, hoping to get them in on the donations and the class competition. Alumni can “sponsor” a class through donations, which will in turn help sponsor students wishing to participate.

Student organizers Ruby Leonard and Emily Cagno also presented a workshop about this event at a local showcase for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Leading educators through a “mock” planning event, the students showed how participation leads to student empowerment and awareness of social issues. 

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