Monday ramblings from the desk of Mr. Gaff. Thank you Bears, T-Day football and more.

TORRINGTON: It wasn’t the ending they wanted, nor the one most folks who have followed the remarkable Thomaston girls’ sports have gotten used to seeing but the Golden Bears continue to be an amazing story.

One that still hasn’t gotten enough coverage for their sustained excellence over the past decade or so.

The Bears fell to a talented Cromwell team, 2-1 in overtime on Sunday in Hartford but took all of us on a great ride.

A program that didn’t exist not that long ago due to low numbers, made history in so many ways in 2023 by going unbeaten in the regular season, taking the Berkshire League Tournament title, and playing soccer until the final day of the ’23 campaign.

174 students, 88 girls and all they do is show us excellence, year in and year out.

Well done, Bears, thank you.

-It’s that week.

Thanksgiving football awaits us with the Torrington Raiders renewing their annual rivalry game at home on Thursday against the Watertown Warriors at 10:15 on the Robert H Frost Complex turf.

Both teams have a lot to play for.

The Warriors (4-5) are ranked No 10 in Class SS and will need a whole lot of help to get into the postseason but certainly want to keep The Helmet in Watertown.

Torrington is looking to bring the trophy back to THS and to finish their comeback campaign with a 6-4 mark if they can come away with the win.

GNH (5-4), sitting in the No 4 spot in SS, looks to close out the regular season with a win Wednesday night at St Paul (1-8). That No 4 ranking may change but a win is the most important thing for the Yellowjackets at the moment.

-Working on a special Torrington High School magazine at the moment with it scheduled to be in homes in mid-December.

It’s called, Why THS?

A group of students will be providing their answers to that question based on their own experiences.

This is the second time I have had students share their thoughts on their high school and I expect I will be impressed with what they have to say.

I say it all the time. 95 percent of the students who attend THS are tremendous and should be celebrated for what they do every day.

-The brand-new Gaffney’s Corner website is up and running.

It is a show I created three years ago to showcase the students and they never disappoint.

The most recent episode feature brothers Will and Carl Parkhouse and both do a great job.

These basketball standouts will be a lot of fun to watch in just a few weeks.

You can find Gaffney’s Corner on our Facebook page and coming soon to the Torrington Board of Education website and Litchfield County Sports.

-Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Remember the good things that surround us every day.

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