Player Spotlight Sean Clinkscales THS Football # 3

How long have you been playing sports?

I’ve been playing sports since I was four years old.

What sports have you played?

I’ve played just about every sport. I started soccer when I was four and played basketball, baseball, football, and track. I only play football and run track now.

Do you have a favorite?

Football is by far my favorite.

Talk about the win Friday night against Woodland and where does it rank in your career to date?

The win on Friday was a great way to finish the hard stretch we started with. It was a great way to give us momentum to finishing our season strong. This game was a top three game for sure but is behind the Naugatuck game my sophomore year when we pulled off the upset at home, and the Wilby game my sophomore year when I had two interceptions and my first varsity touchdown.

Talk about the performance of Tyler Semonich who threw for four touchdowns.

It was fun to see Tyler show off the ability our whole team knows he has. He has a great arm and helped get other players involved. Tyler showed the rest of the NVL that we can hurt defenses on the ground and in the air.

How should that win help the team going forward?

The weeks following those road wins have been good weeks of practices. Seems like we all have more energy and are more excited to play.

Talk about the togetherness of this 2021 team.

The comradery of our team comes from a mix of the players and coaches’ leadership. Most of the players have all known each other for a long time, and for the seniors a lot of us played on the same youth football team for several years before high school. Coaches also help because they all preach brotherhood and how we need to be there for each other. During covid when we weren’t able to see each other in person, Coach Rod would hold Zoom meetings just so we can stay in contact with each other.  

Future Plans?

Hoping to have an opportunity to play college football somewhere while getting a finance/ business degree

What does it mean to be a Raider?

For me being a Raider means having a brotherhood or family to always lean on. My teammates are always there for me, and I hope they know I am always there for them.

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