Isaac Fenn and DJ Williams

So many great stories on Gaffney’s Corner or Cable 5 Shows so far this year.

Gaffney’s Take

It’s been a great start to the 2024 Gaffney’s Corner at Torrington High School and the LCS Cable 5 Show on Optimum.

Here as some of the highlights to date.

Jon Wilson on the Cable 5 Show. What can I say about having a young man on the program that I have had a privilege to watch grow from a Torrington Twisters bat boy who was up way too late that night to the marvelous young man he has become. The former Thomaston Bears three sport standout is so well versed in the world of sports and the world in general. A great hour with JW.

Jeremy and Patrick Hinman on the Cable 5 Show. Father and son combination came on for a half hour segment and talked THS football, one gruesome injury (recovering well, Patrick is) and Legacy Sports and Youth Fitness. We intend on having them back.

Jacque Willimas. He of “The Feel-Good Show” on WAPJ and a guy who got us going back when the LCS radio show was on Monday nights right after his high energy program. Our friend is not only a great musician, DJ, and radio host but an advocate for all things Torrington with the different hats he wears around the city, including on “City Views.”

The Torrington High School String Quartet. It was an amazing privilege for me to interview this incredibly talented group and to have them perform on Gaffney’s Corner.

Aisley Harrison, Chloe Bayat, Emily Tacuri Penaranda, and Rosangel Baez-Batista are first off, amazing young ladies to talk with. Each has their strength that helps make this team so strong.

They performed a classic, Haydn Opus. 1 No. 1 Movement Minuet to perfection, something they will do in April as they compete in Hartford during an All-State coemption.

The second highlight for me was when they did a little improv for me by performing a Beatles classic. Elinor Rigby with no sheet music, just off memory. Simply amazing. They will be entertaining THS fans on Wednesday, April 3 on the Little Theater stage. See you there.

Belle Viscariello and Lilly Hardee. A pair of talented team members on the THS Cheer squad appeared on a Gaffney’s Corner episode. Belle, daughter of coach Melissa Viscariello, has been a positive force on her team, in her school and as a volunteer with me during Kids Marathon events. Lilly I s a senior who will be looking to pursue a career in nursing. Two very well-spoken young ladies who represent THS and our community so well.

Sophia Pergola. A multi-talented athlete and amateur photographer at THS, Sophia is well on her way to becoming a force on the Raiders spring softball team. Also, a key volunteer in my Kids Marathon Mentor group that will be helping over 1200 grammar school students on Friday, May 24 in this year’s KM event.

Danielle Iannacito and Alyssa Amato. As part of a rare triple header late in February, these two standouts came on Gaffney’s Corner to talk about their Capstone Project. Community Impact and Bracelets for a Cause. They made three distinct bracelets that they are selling online with the awareness theme front and venter. One was for Sandy Hook, the next The Oceans and the third, Friendly Hands Food Bank. It was utterly amazing talking with both about issues of the day and how they are doing their part. Weel done indeed.

Lilah Boulli and Annabel O’Marra. The junior basketball standouts came on to talk about their season, their head coach’s 500th win and the family history for O’Marra.

Her mom, Tuna Shannahan, is one of the all-time leading greats in women’s basketball at THS.

Boulli has played volleyball, softball, and basketball for the Raiders. Both will be back on the hardwood in 2024/2025.

Isaac Fenn and DJ Williams. This tag team shared some great insight into the Raiders basketball season and how each has worked hard to improve in their individual efforts to help the team.

Great conversation with Fenn on jhow he has put the time in to become one of the most effective inside players in the Naugatuck Valley League.

Willims, a high energy, great defensive guard also talked in detail about a key, game saving interception during the Raiders 18-14 win over WCA. Watching film paid off for this senior who saw the play coming and timed his pick exactly right to save the day for the Raiders.

These conversations highlight the great people we have in this community, and I thank them all for coming on!

Many more to come.

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