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2011 Year in Review. June 22. Jordan Williams: His NBA Day Has Arrived. Story by Rick Wilson

POSTED December 26, 2011
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

Jordan Williams picked by the New Jersey Nets in the Second Round of the NBA Draft. The 36th pick overall. The Williams Family. (back row, left to right) Desmond, Nicole, Jordan and Leron. Front row-(left to right) Dee and Caycee. Congrats to the entire family!

                             Jordan Williams – His NBA Day Has Arrived

TORRINGTON – In the midst of a hectic daze, Jordan Williams got a massage Wednesday. Thursday morning he will head to Six Flags Amusement Park in Agawam, Mass. with his family and maybe take a ride on the Superman roller coaster or any other ride that can accomodate his 6-foot-9 1/2, 247 lb. frame.

Jordan leading the good life? Not exactly.  More like Jordan trying to relax before life gets really good.

The Williams household was overwhelmed with electricity Wednesday night and it had nothing to do with CL&P.  It was the type of energy surge only associated with the anticipation of a dream about to be realized.

The biggest day for one of the biggest guys around was finally at hand the rain-drenched solitude outside the Williams home could barely contain the buzz behind the walls.

Jordan Williams, Torrington born and bred and University of Maryland tutored will be selected in the NBA draft Thursday night the only questions, when and by whom.  Mock drafts have had him in the top 30 (guaranteed money), not in the top 30, going to the Celtics, maybe the Bulls or even with LeBron and Heat. None of which concerned Jordan a whole lot as he parked his huge persona on the living room couch.

“I’ve been hearing anywhere from No. 20 to 35, the latest maybe being No. 37,” said Williams. “I know my name will be called and I’m just blessed to be in this situation. Hearing my name being called will be an honor and with the right staff I’ll be fine.”

Jordan’s sentiments concerning his selection spot and destination were also stretched to the issue of money. He noted that most of the early second round picks also get guaranteed money and minimum wage in the NBA is about 5,000.

This was not a time to be worried about who, when and how much. It was about being part of the NBA slightly more 24 hours later.

Jordan looks fit, trim and NBA ready after three months of three-a-day workouts in Las Vegas with other college stars that helped lead to a loss of 20 lbs. and an impressive, toned look.

Yet, with the time now here he is still adjusting to the reality of it all.

“It’s surreal, crazy,” Jordan said. “I’ve been dreaming about this since I was 10-years old and for the dream to be just be 24 hours away, it’s unbelievable. Growing up around here and thinking about going to the NBA you get laughed at. I feel blessed.”

The house was hopping with Jordan surrounded by his own family - brother Desmond, sisters Nicole and Caycee, mom Dee and dad Leron along with several relatives. Jordan arrived late Tuesday night from Las Vegas and it has all been about keeping calm as more relatives and friends look to call, connect and share in the moment.

After Six Flags Thursday, Jordan and family will head over to Uncle Murray’s house to watch the draft. Once the moment comes and he becomes Jordan Williams a member of the……, people will be invited over.

He doesn’t know how it will feel, he just knows it will feel good.

“I know I will cry,” Jordan said.

Dad told him to be himself.

“He asked me how he should react and I told him he can’t prepare for it,” said Leron. “I’m just excited to see his reaction. It’s been crazy here, a good crazy.”

It’s been two short years and a lifetime since Jordan Williams took Torrington High to the state finals at Mohegan Sun. Maryland coach Gary Williams saw something special and Williams took his game to Terrapin-land.

There were doubters. Too slow, needs to work harder, can’t shoot from the outside. Jordan spent a lot time working on the weaknesses and silencing the critics. He put extra hours in particularly during his sophomore year and it showed.

The body looks good, he learned – “The body will make you money, the longer you can play. And I’ve got to represent myself in a professional manner".

Jordan will play as a power forward and he has worked out steadily on the jump shot and speed dribbling. He has worked to make his game more complete. He wants to prove to the doubters that they were wrong.

“I’ve had a chip on my shoulder to push harder,” he said. ‘But, in this house they always believed.”

Dee, the smile never leaving her face, talked about how much has gone on the last 90 days since Jordan decided the NBA was his future and how Jordan talked about this when he was nine and 10. Leron called himself a,”proud papa,” who saw this coming. And he also talked about his big son with the big heart who conducts himself the right way.

The Williams house was a-glow Wednesday night. A lot of pride and a lot of love. The big son was home, the room was full, the noise and smiles crazy loud. Twenty-four hours to go.

By the end of the night Thursday, Jordan Williams, former Torrington High and University of Maryland start would have a new title – NBA player.

You could feel the electricity. A long-time in the making, that gave it all a once-in-a-lifetime glow. The Williams house was a pretty good place to be and Jordan Williams was in a pretty good place.

It’s never too early to say congratulations. To the whole family.    



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