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25th Annual Possum Queen Contest nears! Press Release.

POSTED December 15, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

We can’t believe it either, but the 25th annual Possum Queen Contest is coming! Possum Day is always a fun, fundraising event on New Year’s Day, which over time has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for the Possum Queen Foundation, a 501c3 charitable foundation based in Litchfield. Unlike other charities, nearly all the monies (about 97%) raised go to needy recipients who have extenuating medical needs. The Possum Queen Contest will take place at the Litchfield Inn on Thursday, January 1st with the doors opening at noon. Admission is free!

            The Possum Queen Contest is a tongue-in-cheek beauty pageant, where beauty and talent have nothing to do with it; it’s all about bribing the judges! Those “bribes” are actually donations to the foundation, and its biggest fundraiser is the Possum Queen Contest. There will be a live auction and a silent auction taking place as well. We’ve got items up for bid that you may not be able to get anywhere else, for example, 4 Green Monster Seats! Yankee tickets, an en-cased, autographed bat by Dave Henderson. A Norwegian Blue Fox fur coat and more!!!

            Several groups and individuals will be vying for the title of Possum Queen, which includes the Possum Queen sash, a bouquet of dead roses (they aren’t dead they are just playing Possum!) and the right to “Play Dead” for an entire year., and of course, lasting infamy! The contestants for this year are just as mediocre as they have always been but they have another year of experience under their belt, so it’s going to be even more fun than ever!!!

            The stalwarts are back in the lineup with skits planned by former Possum Queen Winners: The Murphy/Budny Clan; The Zeller Group; Team Goshen, as well as newcomers to the show: A troupe from the Warner Theatre and another group which is listed under the witness protection program!

            Over the years many local families and individuals have benefitted from the generosity of the Possum Queen Foundation and the foundation has benefited from the generous people from all over Litchfield County and beyond. We put the “Fun” in Fun-draising!” Be ready to bribe the pilot and the flight attendant from Possum Air when you come in the doors, so you can be transported to the Possum Queen Contest!!!

            Who will be the “Best in Tails?” or the “Best in Heels?” And who will be crowned “Possum Queen 2015?” Only time will tell. If you cannot make this crazy event and want to bribe, I mean donate to Possum, please send you checks to: Possum Queen Foundation, P.O. Box 1865, Litchfield, CT 06759.

            All donations are tax-deductable so please bribe earlier and bribe often!!! You too could be Possum Queen!!! Now that’s a resume padder!!! Food and drink will be available through the Litchfield Inn during the day. We hope to see you a

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