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A brilliant night celebrating a brilliant life.

POSTED June 30, 2011
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: There was little need, it appeared, for any police presence anywhere else in Torrington on Wednesday night.

The entire city seemed, at some points, to be at P. Sam’s Restaurant to honor a life well lived and to support a family as they prepare to close a remarkable chapter in there life’s.

Rose Ciesco, a staple for her family every moment of every day they have walked this earth, must have been able to sense the love and support that emanated from the Eastwood Country.

As people from far and wide converged on this gathering that simply emulated love and caring, the line to get in stretched out the front door for more than three solid hours.

The goal of the event was to raise money to offset the massive mountain of medical bills that have piled up while the Rose and her family attempted to fight Bile Duct Cancer of the Liver.

With the fight now over after three long years, it was time to send a message back to a Torrington family that has given so much to their community and to Rose, who is and will forever be the rock that held them together.

Gary Ciesco, Rose’s husband for the past 33 years, greeted friends and family all night while son’s Bruce and Michael worked the floor, making sure everyone was taken care of.

This is a family deeply rooted in the athletic community and on Wednesday night, the entire Torrington sports network, some from as far back as the 1960’s, showed up in force to pay their respects.

Anyone associated with Raiders sports and who played with either Bruce or Michael on the gridiron or went to school with them, was one hand.

We’re talking multiple generations of people who dropped what they were doing and made their way to this celebration of a woman who clearly gave more than she received for so many years.

It wasn’t just a Torrington night though, friends and athletes from all over Litchfield County were on hand to pay their respects.

Wednesday night was a time for all of those people to say, we love you Rose Lee and you made a difference in more people’s life’s than you will ever know.

This was Torrington at it’s finest. Say what you will about tough times, economic uncertainty, what have you.

Not only did folks buy tickets for the dinner, they piled money onto a truckload of raffle prizes donated by a city with a huge heart of it’s own.

The family had seen the cost of treating this beast rise over the $80,000 mark with monthly treatments costing an astounding $5000.00.

Over 800 people attended the event that all will remember for a very long time.

Challenging days lie ahead for the family for certain but for one night, the spirit of a city that can still feel like a small town, lit up the heart and soul of a family who is hurting.

They say there is strength in numbers.

There certainly was on Wednesday night when Torrington came out in mass with just one goal: to give back and to pay respects.

Proud of you T-Town, you done good.

The Ciesco family certainly felt what you said with your numbers on a brilliant summer night.

As Gary Ciesco told me Monday night, “Rose is home and it’s time to ride off with her into the sunset.”

Ride easy my friends, an entire community will be riding with you.



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