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A Fast Trip to Citi Field (Really Fast).

POSTED September 01, 2019
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Took a trip to Flushing Queens recently with Mr. Wilson to catch the New York Mets who had been making some noise since the July All-Star break.

I have said for the past couple of years that I wasn’t going to spend any money on a team that seems at times (okay, a lot of the time) to act like a small market team in the largest market in the country.

I’ve held true to that over the past couple of years, only attending maybe one game a year late when the team was horrible and tickets nearly free.

My luck at these games is not exactly something to write home about. Heck, one of the last games I attended, the final game of the 2015 season, Mrs. Gaffney and I had the misfortune of sitting through most of Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer’s October 3, no-hitter.

What made the night worse was that the temperature was in the 30’s with a wind chill near 15-degrees. Oh, fun. Had to but winter hats.

When it became evident that the no-no was going to occur, I even tried my best not to know by leaving in the top of the ninth but thanks to the new design at Citi Field, you could hear the radio broadcast over the outdoor speakers.

Yeah, thanks for that.

So, the day after my birthday on August 27, I grabbed some pretty good seats on Stub-Hub for $45 dollars each that were located in the left field corner, one level above were where most of the home runs land.

As you know, there have been a lot of bombs hit this year so, hey, you never know.

I picked Mr. Wilson up in Thomaston at about 2:15 for what is usually a two to two-and-a-half-hour trip (depending on traffic) to the home of the Mets.

Much to our surprise though, we found ourselves in Queens in 90-minutes.

Ninety minutes!

We were so early, the joint (Citi Field), wasn’t even scheduled to open until 5:30!

I am famous for wanting to get to games early to find my seat but never this early. Heck, the players were probably just getting to work when we did.

We had made arrangements to meet our friend Jerry Beach, who is a 1991 graduate of Torrington High School and now covers the Mets for various media outlets along with other pro teams in the area.

Mr. Wilson is working on a story about Mr. Beach and his buddy, Mark Arum (also a ’91 Alum) for the LCS Magazine over the next month or two.

So, we needed to kill some time before we could get in so we hit McFadden’s, a restaurant attached to the stadium (thank goodness) and grabbed a snack before heading in.

Once at our seats, Mr. Beach came and joined us so we could catch up with his doings and that of his daughter Molly, who Beach has written about since she was born.

Now if you remember, the Mets had just been swept by the NL East leading Braves over the weekend after sweeping the Cleveland Indians to start what you thought was going to be an awesome home stand that could have ended with them atop the Wild-Card standings.

The Chicago Cubs were in town and they must have gotten word that I was attending and proceeded to not only take that game, but the next two, leading to a six-game losing streak by the Amazin’s.

We dd, however, witness history when rookie sensation Pete Alonso crushed his 42nd home run, giving him the all-time single season mark, so that’s something.

The very best thing about Citi Field is the design. It gives a fan the chance to see the game from every angle you could think of.

From high top tables out in center field by the Shea Bridge (in honor of the original stadium) to one of many inside restaurants that are included in your ticket, there is something for everyone.

Now, you still don’t ever get out of a ballgame cheap, no matter the ticket cost. Throw in $25 for parking and nothing less than $20 for anything to eat and drink and you can see why so many folks don’t go to too many games.

Still, it was an ideal late summer night at a major league ballpark.

Can’t beat that, even if the home team did get beat.


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