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A hectic but productive 48-hours of non-stop sports and other adventures.

POSTED April 27, 2017
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: My goodness, where to begin.

It’s been a whirlwind 48-hours or so around here so before I forget everything or fall asleep, let me talk about it.

The week started at Torrington High School as the unbeaten Seymour Wildcats beat the Raiders by 5-1 final to move out to 10-0, while Torrington fell to 4-3.

Their three losses have been to Seymour (twice) and Holy Cross in a spring that may never get any momentum thanks to an ultra-cranky Mother Nature who has not delivered a consistent week around these part yet.

You know the moment school gets out, it won’t rain for a month and every day with be wonderful and I guess I’m okay with that because I’m not an athletic director.

The three losses are not the end of the world for the Raiders, perhaps it can serve as motivation come Naugatuck Valley League Tournament time.

Of course, today’s scheduled game against Watertown was cancelled so the Raiders will try again on Thursday to play at home against Sacred Heart.  

---Went to a Prom on Tuesday, one thrown by some pretty terrific spring sports athletes from Wolcott Tech and their amazing AD, Ray Tanguay.

Tanguay and his kids made the short trip from the school to the Regal Care Rehab Facility to brighten the residents with an “Afternoon in Paris” themed Prom.

The students had lunch with the seniors on hand, sitting with them and learning about what life was like when they were young and to their credit, every one of them was engaged with some very happy residents.

Tanguay led the students, as he always does, in a variety of dance moves with the help of some terrific music, meant to lift everyone’s spirits and I have to give it to coach, he’s still got moves.

He may be hurting today but he put forth a good effort.

I spoke with two outstanding spring athletes, junior Morgan Rubino and sophomore Noah Weik about what the day meant to them.

“We were all excited when Mr. Tanguay told us about it,” Rubino said. “I think it’s really fun. Everyone has been great. They told us a lot about what their past was about and they were really into it.”

Rubino is a three-sport athlete for the Wildcats who is currently injured, preventing her from playing with the Wildcats softball team.

“I sat with a resident who was born in 1932,” Weik said. “It was really nice to hear about what things were like for her back then. She talked about high school and how she was a cheerleader and went to Paris one summer. I think she really liked it and I got to learn a lot about her life.”

Tanguay stressed how this was about helping the student/athletes build character by learning to do for others.

“One way to build character is through out-reach in the community,” Tanguay said. “We decided to do things like Senior Proms, game days and maybe Homecoming dances at local convalescent homes to get our kids working with the elderly.”

Getting his students to go along with these types of events has never been a problem for Tanguay, who is an outstanding leader at OWTS.

“The kid’s responses were automatic,” Tanguay said. “They said, ‘let’s do this’, sign me up. It chokes me up to see how well they have stepped up. They are great kids.”

Well done Wildcats. You are doing what everyday champions do, keep up the good work.     

---Tuesday night, I had the chance to take a ride down to Fairfield to take part in a live sports program as I spent 10-minutes talking sports with two guys who have also recognized that local sports are still under covered and are working hard to do something about it.

Noah Finz and Mark Robbins host “CT Sports Now”, a live, fast paced sports talk show from 10:30 to 11:00 p.m. at Sacred Heart University as part of the Vantage Sports Network.

Both gentleman have spent their fair share of time on statewide television with major networks but are trying something new and it’s right up our alley.

They are focusing their sports programming on the local sports scene with highlights and commentary from up to 20 games per day when Mother Nature is not getting in the way, as she did on Tuesday.

These guys are terrific to work with and I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Thanks for the time!

---After about six hours of sleep, it was time to head over to Torrington High School to take part in a terrific venture, now in its eighth year and growing.

The “Financial Reality Fair” ran from 7:30-11:30 with 18 schools taking part in an exercise designed to help the students prepare for life after high school when the bills and responsibilities kick in.

I’ll have a more detailed story up later this week but to put it mildly, it was an eye-opener for many of the students and that’s the idea.

Once mom and dad are no longer taking care of everything, how will they be able to survive and thrive on their own?

Here’s hoping some lessons were learned.

---Finally, at one o’clock, it was time to take a trip up Route 8 to Northwestern Regional 7 High School to document a pair of Letter of Intent signings by a couple of outstanding young people who are moving on to the next level.

Molly Clarke (Saint Michaels) and Gavin Woodward (SCSU) made their commitments in the Media Center in front of family and friends.

I’ll have a story on both these fine young folks on Friday.

Time to get off the ride for a minute or two.



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