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A Look back at our favorite stories of 2015. June: First Annual LCS All Torrington High School Awards Celebration a huge success.

POSTED December 30, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: The kept coming, and coming and coming until some nearly had to sit outside.

The First Annual Litchfield County Sports, All-Torrington High School Awards Celebration could only be described as a rousing success based on the number of student/athletes, parents, coaches and City and State officials who were on hand.

We broke the century mark in attendance with the mad (but calm and organized) scramble to find extra seating after I thought we might get 50-60 people to come.

After all, it’s the busiest time of the year for anyone who has a student wrapping up the school year, their sports, the Prom and more (man, I don’t miss those days!).

43 different individuals were recognized as part of our effort to show the positive things that go on at Torrington High School and at all the schools and events that we cover.

Torrington Mayor Elinor Carbone and State Representative Michelle Cook presented each student/athlete with an official citation marking the occasion and we thank them both for attending the event.

THS Principal Eric Baim was also kind enough to join us for the evening and congratulated his student/athletes as well and we thank him for coming.  

The day started early for me as I started setting up for a six o’clock event at about 10 a.m.

Having done similar celebrations over the years, I learned it’s never too early to start because you know you’re going to forget a bunch of little things along the way so better early than sorry.

Our good friend Robbie Persechino, who runs Bogey’s at Green Woods Country Club had us set up in a beautiful setting with the large banquet room dressed up nice with maroon and black (Raider colors) abound.

Scott Mattiello, who owns the facility, lent us a rack to hang the 40 some odd custom made polo shirts each recipient got with their state and local awards and had plenty of help around to make sure we were okay all day.

With the help of my wife Deb and daughter Jillian (who are staples at any fundraisers we do) we had the place looking tremendous with fresh cut flowers on each table and at that point, we waited to see what was going to happen!

At about 5:30, our good friend and the hardest working mom/photographer, Marianne Killackey was in the building with her son Tom and his friend Mike Louchen on hand as well.

The two talented musicians were kind enough to supply us with some terrific jazz for more than an hour while folks arrived, mingled and found themselves a seat, something that got more and more challenging as the crowd filed in.

First it was few, then a few more and then suddenly, a sea of folks were making their way across the parking lot towards the event.

A few long tables were set up, just in case towards the back of the room near where the buffet would be served but I really didn’t think they would be needed.

Wrong again Gaffney.

It quickly became obvious that we were going to need any and every seat we could find and hoped that Robbie was not going to be putting in an order to KFC after we wiped out the pasta, chicken and salad that I heard was good but from those who run these kind of events, you know you better eat before or after.

There will be no time during and that’s just the way we like it.

I’ve always thought that the best way to celebrate with friend and family is to sit down and break bread with them and that’s just what we wanted to do with our friends and family from THS.

To say there were no leftovers would be an understatement, we had zero waste.

Our good friend Tony Turina, from Tony’s Coffee Express in Thomaston supplied some delicious deserts that flew out faster than when I used to pitch and watch the ball sore over the fence.

We started the presentations at just about 7:10 and wrapped up at 7:58 p.m.

The schedule of events said 6-8. Nailed it.

Each coach on hand came up and introduced their student/athlete and said a few words about why they deserved to be recognized with our good friend Mike McKenna filling in for a couple of coaches that could not attend.

Out of 43 honorees, only three could not make it. That’s a great number and we truly appreciated it.

McKenna was also honored for everything he does to make our jobs easier to do as was Ed Arum, who was such a force in making sure the Torrington Track and Field project (along with a great committee) came out just the way he and our good friend Mario Longobucco had hoped.

I want to thank all the speakers, parents and kids who stopped by to thank me for putting this on. To me, it’s easy. Celebrate what our student/athletes do right.

Catch them doing something right.

It’s what we at LCS strive to do every day.

Thanks to Been Printed and More Than Words in Torrington for their involvement in the event along with Guy Santoro who steamed all the polo shirts and put them on hangers for us the morning before the event.

Everybody played a part in making sure the First Annual event with become the Second Annual in 2016.

See you all then!

Here is the list of winners for the 2104-2015 school year.

Girls Soccer: Kendra Covington and Emily Manchester. Football: Ben Bonvicini and Connor Finn. Boys Soccer: Amar Suljic and Luke Calabrese. Girls’ basketball: Brie Pergola and Kendra Covington. Boys’ basketball: Tim Considine. Volleyball: Kassi Perusse and Samantha Zordan. Golf: Adam Lamothe and Tylar Young. Baseball: Dom Sabia and Manny Rijo. Softball: Marissa Morris ad Ali DuBois. Boys Track: Gabe Koch and Nate Bresson. Girls Track: Lindsey Trobel and Kendra Covington. Boys Indoor Track: Mayank Patel and Kobe Covington. Girls Indoor Track: Lindsey Trobel and Marissa Morris. Swimming Fall: Emily Mazzarelli andddd Payton Welch. Swimming Winter: Matt Traub and Jack Wassik. Cheer: Jeymi Aguero and Whitney Quarels. Dance: Courtney Dell’Agnese and Payton Welch. Girls Tennis: Sima El Ayoub and Taryn Canfield. Girls Cross Country: Ashlynn Cook and Emmy Fedor. Ubified Sports: Deavon Phair and Ryan Nader. Athletic Trainer: Sarah Brewer. Music Award: Tom Killackey. Community Award: Ed Arum. Athletic Director Mike McKenna.

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