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A Thanksgiving Day with the snow blower.

POSTED November 28, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Getting the old snow blower cooking and clearing six or seven inches of heavy, wet snow is not usually anyone’s idea of good fun but after a season on the sidelines a year ago, it felt real good to get back in the game.

Thanksgiving Day, 2014 was going to be a different one for me. For the first time in quite some time, I had no football game to cover, thanks to Mother Nature and her pre-turkey day onslaught of the white stuff.

So, after getting to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade for about an hour in the morning, it was time to do something that most would be okay with if they never had to do it again.

About 11-months ago, to the day, I destroyed the quad tendon in my left leg and was out of action from the day after Christmas to almost April.

The duties of taking care of the outside of the Gaffney house were left to Mrs. Gaffney who also had to take care of a laid up husband while working full time and supporting a house and LCS for most of the winter.

Not what I had planned when I retired from Frito-Lay last September to work the business full time.

In life, there are certain duties that a husband takes care of and for me, that was the winter snow removal, something I actually enjoyed doing, especially when we bought our first snow blower a few years back (it didn’t snow at all that winter).

Some guys might say, ‘hey you didn’t have to do the work, your wife did.’

Yeah, we’re not like that in this house. The magnificent Mrs. Gaffney works hard enough all day and there was nothing more helpless than having to watch her do the work while all I could do was watch.

Recall back to the winter of 2013-2014. It snowed early and often and wasn’t done until very late in the season.

I recall a couple of storms that went over the foot mark with a terrorizing ice storm at the back end of a heavy snow event in February or March.

The temperature was extremely awful as well, making my watching the clean-up even worse.

So this year, with a mended leg and determination enough for two, I was ready for this storm, having brought the blower up earlier this month, tested it and had it prepped to take on whatever we got on Wednesday day/night.

It was a smooth run at the driveway and sidewalk this time out. Sure, I was careful not to put too much pressure on either leg as the snow blower went back down our steep driveway.

It has been made pretty clear that another injury like the one I sustained a year ago might result in my being sent to a rehab facility so I am doing my best not to need any kind of surgeon any time soon.

Now, you may say that is mean of Mrs. Gaffney to say and truth be told it probably not happen but I respect her thought process.

It was a brutal start to the 2014 year for us and nearly resulted in LCS going under at some points but the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Gaffney was what kept us a float.

So, as we prepare to spend some time later eating far too much food, I can report that the snow was no match for the determination of someone who was crazy enough to miss it and that I will remain on the active and ready to play list forever.

Thanks to my best friend, Mrs. Gaffney for making this and everyday great ones.

Now, if Mother Nature wants this to be a mellow winter, so be it.

I’m one for one on storm clean-up.

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