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A Week at Wamogo

POSTED March 06, 2011
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                                     A Week at Wamogo

             Sometimes the schedule works in mysterious ways. I spent the past week at Wamogo starting with the beginning of the Berkshire League Boys Basketball Tournament and ending with the Berkshire League Boys Basketball Tournament with the Wamogo-Housatonic girls Class S state tournament game sandwiched in between.

            Four trips up to Stolleville on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I am seeing red. I tried to get the newspaper to foot the bill for a room at the Litchfield Inn or at least dinner at the Village Restaurant but they politely told me to blow it out my gas pipe.

            Now you can’t spend that much time in one place without making some pertinent observations so here goes. A week’s worth of thoughts after spending hours in the Stolle Arts and Convention Center or the House that Chuck (Alexinas built).

            John Stolle does a superb job mopping the court. The father of the most famous basketball family in Wamogo history and former coach has good wrist action, wraps that towel around the broom tightly and has the floor looking cleaner than your pocket after the state gets finished with it.

            John Stolle does a superb job supplying the hospitality room. The big fella was glad to help out his wife and travel to 52 stores and cover 600 miles to provide the proper supplies for the hungry that were lucky enough to partake.

            Wamogo A.D. Mary Stolle puts out a good spread. She even had some shrimp this year to go with the usual chips, soda and sandwich paraphernalia. Stolle is vying for hospitality room of the year honors with Thomaston High’s Bill Ryan who hosted the BL Girls Tournament.  And the winner is…. Are you kidding me, I’m not answering this one.

            The student cheering groups are a welcome addition, even the one group that got ejected by its own Athletic Director. The energy created is immeasurable and the chants funny most of the time. One word of advice, however. Can we get rid of “You got swatted.?” It is getting old and a little dull.

            Parking at the Stolle arena? Let’s just put it this way. The good folks in Warren, Morris and Goshen need to build a ramparage. It you get stuck at the bottom of the hill, you are a heart attack waiting to happen to get to the mountain top. One year Kevin Crowley gave me a ride back down or I was on my way to being more frozen that Ted Williams’ head which is hanging in come cryogenic warehouse in Arizona or somewhere.

            Northwestern Regional’s John Stevens can play. If you didn’t know that already all you needed to do was watch him torch Nonnewaug for 17 points in one quarter and then put up 21 in the Highlanders championship victory over Litchfield. He will be a nightmare for opponents the next two years unless he declares early.

            Also, kudos to a couple of guys that don’t get a whole lot of publicity but were solid throughout – Litchfield’s Mike Andrulis and Hunter Grabowski. The blue collar Grabowski chased down 10 rebounds in each of the last two games while Andrulis had the smooth stroke with 18 points against Wamogo and 19 against Northwestern.

            Tim Gaffney’s camera is bigger than Peter Wallace’s. Gaffney our guru won the battle of megapixels with his big lens while Peter was Pentaxing it for the Register Citizen.  I’m not sure what all of this means except that Gaffney wouldn’t have been able to sit with us because his lens would have knocked Roberto Medico off the scorer’s table. By the way, I think Jim Shannon of the Waterbury Republican might have had the biggest lens of all.  I don’t want to ignore John McKenna either. Mac had a lens that was about the size of Tri-State League baseball player Dave Post’s bat

            The water coming up through the floor near one of the benches is not drinkable. It looked kind of brown.

            The chant `Hillhouse, Hillhouse’ directed towards Northwestern’s Bobby Lippincott didn’t make much sense to me. Lippincott quarterbacks the Gilbert football team to a state football semifinal appearance before losing to the Academics, almost unheard of around here and he is being razzed for that. Umm, what other BL school has done that?

            Wamogo leads the BL in basketball ties with both girls coach Kevin Crowley and boys coach Gregg Hunt sporting hoop neck wear. A nice seasonal touch.

            In general a great job by the officials. Of course there were a few fans sitting behind press row one night that didn’t agree. They thought their team was being victimized by thievery and muggings while their favorites were angels incapable of such thoughts and actions. Ahhh, the beauty of the fans.

            It was an interesting week spent at the Stolle Pavilion. Good games, good people and interesting sights. Plus by Thursday my car knew the way to go without being steered. In the future maybe I can rent a room their and Mary can add some rib-eyes to the hospitality room. Hey if you have to stay you may as well enjoy it.





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