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Adopt a Senior in CT takes off, thanks to two local and determined moms. Doug Harrel and a car ride. .

POSTED April 15, 2020
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: At a time when we are searching for some good news, a bright spot, created by two parents from Torrington has spread a beacon of light that is spreading around the state and soon, the country.

It’s called “Adopt a Senior in Connecticut” and it appears on Facebook and was started by two local moms, looking for a way to pay tribute to the multitude of seniors who won’t have a graduation, a prom or any of the perks that go with having completed a dozen years of hard work.

Kellie Bournique and Dora Carr are the creators of the group in Torrington and the surrounding area and it was Bournique who was moved to do something after seeing a post on Facebook.

“This all started from a pic I saw a girl dressed in her graduation gown with a mask over her face,” Bournique said. “I clicked on the Facebook post and it brought me to a page “Adopt a Senior New Mexico”. I saw all these wonderful stories of 2020 graduates being adopted by perfect strangers. I thought this is just what my child needs. I posted her story and I was overwhelmed by the response. This gave me the idea that if New Mexico has this much love for a Connecticut girl imagine what Connecticut could do. I then contacted a friend Dora Carr and asked her if she would co moderate the page with me.”

Carr is mother to two boys who attend Oliver Wolcott Tech, Bryon and Nicholas with Bryon scheduled to graduate in June. Both boys were scheduled to play on the Wildcats baseball team this spring, something nobody is sure is going to happen.  

Bournique has two children, Chelsey (18) who attends the Academy of Science and Innovation in New Britain and Shawn (15) who attend Wolcott Tech.

“I wanted to help my daughter who missed out most of her senior year due to a serious health condition.” Bournique said. “She is heartbroken not to finish her final year of softball for the Ravens.”

What may have started as a small venture has blossomed into a huge hit.  

The page went live on Saturday, April 11th and has exploded to 848 (and counting) by one o’clock today (April 15).

It’s a simple premise for folks who want to be involved.

If you are a parent of a senior (high school or college), post some positive things about your son or daughter and include pictures if you wish.

In a matter of moments (or that’s how it seems) one or two or twelve people might jump on to adopt your child.

There are not expectations that you have to do anything monetarily for the student but some folks are sending gift cards or whatever they feel is appropriate.

A kind note, one that reminds the senior that they are not alone in this even though none of us can relate to what’s happening to them as the world around them has shut down.

It is heartwarming to see the hundreds of people who have been sending along their thoughts to these kids.

The group in New Mexico has grown by leaps and bounds, to include parts of Texas as well and now has over 27,000 members.

---A huge thank you goes out to our friend, Doug Harrel from Cable 5 in Litchfield for helping us get the Easter Sunday mass from St John Paul the Great on the community access channel on Monday afternoon at 4 p.m.

A request had come from Father Emmanuel and School Board Chairman Susan Cook to see if there was a way to get the Sunday service, streamed live on Facebook, out to some congregation members who don’t use the social media site but would rather watch it on their television.

Harrel stepped in and made it happen, working with the parish to make it happen.

We have not been able to do our LCS program on Cable 5 since the world shut down and we certainly miss our friend Doug who has been holding down the fort since programing went on hold last month.

Nice job Doug, the community appreciates your effort and you made a lot of people happy on Monday so thank you for that and hope to see you soon.

---Went for a ride yesterday which during normal times would certainly not be newsworthy but in these quarantined times, every venture out becomes an adventure.

It’s so strange around town right now. Reminds me of driving around during a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving when the traffic is light, the pedestrians even lighter.

Except right now, we are living like Bill Murray in “Ground Hog Day” as all days seem the same and it’s impossible to recall just what day it is without seriously thinking about it or peaking at your calendar.

Heck, my desk calendar is no longer listing appointments or games, it’s just got when my next Amazon delivery is due.

Oh, yeah, the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are here. Carry on world, I’m good for a bit.

Stay strong everybody and reach out often to those around you.  


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