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Ali Bronson. From THS to ESPN Radio Producer. Another milestone.

POSTED January 28, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

ESPN Radio Producer, Ali Bronson. The former Torrington High School Raider continues her climb.

BRISTOL — While she may not get much of the credit or air time or be one of the voices heard 99 percent of the time, rest assured that a former Torrington High standout has a huge roll in something brand new on ESPN Radio.

This past Saturday at noon, former Raider, Ali Bronson, was in a familiar spot behind the scenes in her new role, producing a first-of-its-kind program that is turning heads around the area.

Bronson was in charge of an all-women sports talk show hosted by Sarah Spain and Prim Siripipat that will be taking a look at the sports world from a women's perspective.

It marked a milestone for the Torrington native who has been an assistant producer until this point.

The days of thinking sports is just a men’s game have long since passed as more and more women are involved at the highest levels in what used to be a tough club to break in to.

The former Torrington High track and gymnastics standout dreamed of this job most of her young life, started the journey while she was attending Southern Connecticut and began her adventure working the grueling overnight shift.

How did show number one kick off?

"It went really well and the positive reaction from around the sports world was great," Bronson said. "I honestly thought there would be more negative reaction than there was. Of course, there were a couple of people who wanted nothing to do with the show, but for the most part, it was overwhelmingly positive, which was refreshing."

Bronson, a 2004 Torrington High graduate, has become a staple in Bristol, working on some of the highest-rated shows, including the SVP (Scott Van Pelt) and Russillo (Ryan) show, the Sedano (Jorge) and Stink (former Denver Bronco, Mark Schlereth) programs during the week and Coach and Bretos (Jonathan Coachman and Max Bretos) on Sundays.

The Saturday show marked the first show ESPN has had on the radio side of action that was produced and hosted by women but by no means meant for just women.

It’s a national program that is designed to talk to all the sports fans across the country.

I can still remember back during my early days at the Register Citizen newspaper when I did some freelance work and Ali and her mom, Suzy, would be regular visitors to the sports department.

You see, mom is a terrific photographer who took pictures for the paper and from an early age, her daughter was clearly going to be a kid who played sports with the boys and was not afraid to take on anything, something that has continued into adulthood.   

It's been a marvelous journey for Bronson that has allowed her to meet just about anybody who is anybody in the sports world, including a few of her favorite New York Football Giants along the way.

There was the time that Giant legend Lawrence Taylor stopped by and, by her own admission, it impressed her.

"I walked around that day like a little girl when LT was in the building," Bronson said.

It has been a long grueling progression for Bronson, who has had to endure years of opposite-side-of-the-regular-world work schedules, but when you love what you do, as she does, it's worth every long graveyard shift.

Being behind the scenes may not be the most glamourous part of the job, but it a crucial part that helps make the finished product that people hear over the airwaves sound as easy as it does.

Screening calls and scheduling guests is sometimes a challenge, and Bronson has mastered both.

Planning a show in the fast moving world of sports takes a special individual who can multitask with the best of them.

Bronson has never been afraid of putting in the time and doing the work with the reward of being one of the fortunate ones who get to say they wake up every day and do something the love for a living.

Beats work, for sure.

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