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An open note to Mother Nature

POSTED February 10, 2015
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

The sign on the Gaffney shed holds the promise of summer. Rick Wilson is certainly ready as he states in his plea to Mother Nature.

An Open Note to Mother Mother Nature,

Who are you mad at and why? I mean, this white stuff has to stop. Once in a while we expect and can live with, but every Sunday? Heck the school kids have had more days off than a Congressman. Bus drivers are seeking therapy and the mailmen are petitioning to have you removed. Schedule makers now have twitches.

Is it the Patriots for maybe playing with flat balls?

Is it Pete Carroll for having a brain cramp at the goal line?

Maybe somebody is forcing you to watch the Knicks?

Tiger asked you to be his swing coach?

You didn’t like Pharrell’s shorts on the Grammy’s?

Lance Armstrong tried to sell you something?

You tried to figure out the Torrington Board of Education?

Somebody gave you a choice of tailors, Brent Hawkins or Bill Belichick?

Somebody asked you to tally up Nick Augelli, Fred Williams, Ed Generali and Mike Fritch’s win totals without a calculator?

A-Rod and Barry told you they were all natural?

            Who knows but something has you smoldering. We need to change to the outlook. Get the positive vibes going and rest the shovels before we tell the kids summer is cancelled and we disappear into a mound of snowflakes never to be heard of again.

            Let me throw a couple of things at you. Did you hear that Mike Fritch won his 400th game as coach of the Torrington High girls basketball team? His career record is 400-126. Now that’s sunshine. Throw in 297 soccer victories and you have numbers starting to rival Connie Donahue. He has been a Red Raider gem.

            While were on that line of thinking, Geno won his 900th game and his average margin of victory has been 672 points. Nobody in the women’s game has ever done it better.

            Sacred Heart came to the Torrington High gym, put on a show and supremely talented dunkmeister Mustapha Heron proved he has class off the court, signing autographs and really being good with the crowd.

            Paul McCartney has teamed up with Rhianna and Kanye West for a darn good song, ‘Fourfive Seconds to Wilin’. Maybe you saw them on the Grammy’s. Quality, quality.

            The Jordanians retaliated against ISIS. Good for them. And us.

            Spring training is nearly here. You can almost smell the grass, hear the crack of the ball off of the bat, see the sea of green and short sleeves. Well, you’re not helping any here, but in the mind’s eye it is all there.

            Shea Tracy fired in 51 points recently. Terryville’s cross between Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Stephen Curry, can fill it up in a hurry. Fun to watch and the focal point of another solid year for Terryville and coach Mark Fowler.

            Pete Weber is still bowling and doing it well. I was clicking around on Sunday and found Weber on ESPN bowling in the semifinals of the PBA Masters. Despite the ridicule from my son Jonathan who watching a soccer game from Outer Mongolia or somewhere, I watched the 52-year-old Hall of Famer Weber giving it a go before the oil on the lanes threw off his game. Weber is fun to watch. Pink shirt, sun glasses and arrogance, he is a show himself. Fun to watch. Then I turned to something else when he got beat. By the way, where was Chris Schenkle?

            The crew from Litchfield County Sports will be showing up on Cable 5 real soon. Come on, that’s got to bring a smile to you currently frozen demeanor.

            Former Torrington High great Sarah Royals is closing in on the end of her outstanding career for the University of Albany. After you try to figure out where the time went, applaud the kid that went Division I and will graduate as the women’s all-time assist leader. That’s a job well done that has made her community proud.

            Andy hey, we have former Lewis Mills start Teagan Dunn, Torrington’s Ali Otis and Holy Cross’ Angelica Ariola at Roger Williams playing ball, Thomaston’s Abby Hurlbert at Southern Connecticut, Torrington’s Desmond Williams and Mike Mallory at Southern Connecticut. The list goes on of kids playing in college. This is just a sampling. That has to bring a smile to you face.

            There has been no site of the Zamboni for the new turf field at Torrington High. That is a good thing unless they need it for Besse Pond.

            Holy Cross girls coach Frank Lombardo and Torrington coach Mike Fritch keep telling me the other guy has the best team in the NVL. Fun stuff and unless funny things happen we’re going to find out on the court in a couple of weeks. Brie Pergola, RaShana Siders, Paige Middleton, Caitlin Cipriano, hey, you lick your lips in anticipation for this one unless somebody upsets the apple cart.  

            Eighty-five year-old Gene McMahon still gets to shuffle back and forth to watch his son Bob coach the Thomaston High girls to what looks like their fifth BL title in six years and niece Kelly who plays for St. Paul (15-3). That is a lot to fill an aging heart with pride.

            Here’s the point Madam Mother Nature. There is a lot of good things going on and you seem, well, pretty out of sorts about something. Maybe you need one of Tony Turina’s coffee and pastries or a night out with Kim and Kanye. Whatever it is it could be worse. Somebody could give you a bunch of old Jim Calhoun press conferences and you could have to transcribe them. Good luck with that one.

            So please (I’m begging you), look for the bright spots in life put a cork in these storms. Now, please or Gaffney will never have you on our show. Hey, call it tough love.   

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