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Another great night at a Torrington High School Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

POSTED April 28, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

The 2014 THS HOF Inductees. (F) Christine Strawson Gamari, Davie Holliday, Tina Shanahan O'Marra. (B) Tim Considine Jr., Cheryl Considine and Brian Considine for Tim Considine Sr.

TORRINGTON: It’s a room that you can’t help but love being in.

A room filled with good, hard-working people, tremendous athletes, coaches, family and friends.

I’m talking about the 18th Annual Torrington Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, which was held Sunday evening at the Cornucopia Banquet Facility.

Four new members where brought into the ranks of the best at Torrington High School with their own particular gifts that set them apart from the rest.

Two family members where brought in, as was a hard nose gridiron star who made his mark in the world after learning critical lessons at THS along the way as was a girls basketball standout who played for a legendary coach along the way.

If you cover sports in Torrington, you have run into these folks somewhere along the line and are better for it.

So many at the dinner expressed the same feeling of being amongst friends, colleagues or extended family members.

The Master of Ceremonies at this event has been the one and only Mike Conway for as long as I have been going to them; Conway is about as true a Torrington guy as you will find out there and his genuine love for his community flows with his words.

Stories abound from every corner of the room, it is one of the largest family reunions you will ever attend with people who may not be blood relatives but are connected by a sense of community and a common thread which is Torrington High School athletics.

This class of four new inductees is the smallest class of the 18 but is made up of some seriously hard hitting individuals.

Christine Strawson-Gamari, Tim Considine Sr., Tina Shanahan O’Marra and Davie Holliday bring a wealth of accomplishments to the Hall.

Considine and Strawson-Gamari are the family connection, Christine is Tim’s niece.

The loss of Considine to ALS in 2012 left a huge hole in the collective soul of those who knew him but on this night, his brother James (or Jimmy as Conway called him) spoke from the heart about how much fun Tim would have had if he was in the room.

“I know how much it meant to me when Tim put his arm around me and told me he was proud of me when I was inducted (Class of 2005),” Considine said. “I wish I could do the same for him here tonight.”

The Considine family is a tight knit group that exudes courage as well as the ability to press on.

Tim’s bride, Cheryl and the two boys, Tim Jr. and Brian are people we will always be rooting for as they make their way through the world without him.

James and his brother Robert press on with their families every day, some are easier than others, but they continue on.

Strawson-Gamari is the daughter of Pat, who is Tim’s sister and the two make up a mother-daughter team for the ages.

A three-sport star for the Raiders, Strawson-Gamari is back at Torrington, teaching and coaching girls’ volleyball.

Shanahan-O’Marra thanked a great coach and mentor lost to the THS community this spring in Coach Lou Mascaritolo for his guidance throughout her career.

The fourth member of the Class of 2014 looked in game shape, even after a long trip east from his home in California.

Running back Davie Holliday, who made his way from a hard start in his early years in Torrington all the way to a tremendously successful career as an attorney.

The 1987 Thanksgiving Day game will forever be a high point for Holliday. It was a game that saw him ramble for 278 yards in an epic battle with Watertown star, Rico Brogna, who would go on to play professional baseball but never lost the memory of that battle with Holliday.

Each of the four understood what the ones that get it do. Their success in life was shaped and molded by the trials and tribulations they fought through at Torrington High School.

Holliday was raised by a single mother, he told the crowd he never knew his father but stayed on the right path even when others around him did not.

His example is one today’s students could take a listen to.

No matter your start, it’s up to you to determine where you end up.

In a world where bad news explodes on us on a daily basis, attending this exclusive event is good for your soul. Good people surrounded by good people.

You can’t lose when you hang with winners.

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