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Another post season with UConn. Five straight and counting.

POSTED March 05, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

UNCASVILLE: Tonight marks the fifth time we at Litchfield County Sports have covered the University of Connecticut women’s basketball post season.

Looking back as I made my way from my car in the Mohegan Sun parking lot, through the smoke-filled slot areas and down to the press room, I felt a sense of pride in knowing that we have been along for a ride that didn’t start five years ago, but has none the less been remarkable.

Who would have thought that back when my good friend Patrick Tiscia suggested applying for credentials to the states flagstaff university for football to start, that we would remain part of the crew that brings the happenings from Storrs to the Northwest Corner.

The folks at UConn have always been great to us, from the start and all of us have always appreciated that fact.

I recall back to the days after I retired from Frito Lay and three months later, destroyed my knee in a back-yard accident that left me hobbling around Storrs and then here at Mohegan Sun.

The trip was a rough one then but after nearly three months of not driving, I welcomed it and figured out fast where the elevators were in any location I found myself. It certainly took a lot longer than it does now to get from the lot to the arena.

We have seen some of the best players of the past ten years during that time.

From Stewie to Tuck to Jefferson back then to Williams to Samuelson to Nurse and Collier now, it has been some kind of ride.

The beauty of watching how the women work is something to behold.

Excellence is expected, excellence is achieved.

It’s funny that when the team loses a quarter, it’s a big deal for both sides.

How long will this run last?

Who will lead this group after another massive amount of talent graduates next year?

All good questions but as long as the guy calling the shots remains the same in Geno Auriemma, I don’t think Connecticut fans have a ton to worry about it on the girls’ side.

The above-mentioned Patrick Tiscia has done a tremendous job on the boys beat, one that has been significantly more challenging, aside from the title year back in 2014, than covering the women.

That year was remarkable though, it was the spring that I was back out after my injury and will never forget slowly making my way down the streets of New York City to Madison Square Garden for the Elite 8 game that neither I’ll never forget.

 So, as we sit here tonight, with the Huskies looking to close out another American Athletic Conference title (not a ton of mystery in this case) here’s hoping the ride continues for a good long time.

And that Patrick can soon see some better basketball.


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