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Around the local area: Titans making their mark, Draft around the corner for Williams and cheap tickets

POSTED May 18, 2011
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

On my drive into Torrington for Monday’s radio show, I nearly slammed into the back of a vehicle stopped at a red light because I wasn’t paying attention to the road.

You ask, why?

First off, no I wasn’t texting, tweeting or talking on the cell phone. A store front caught my eye, of none other than the Torrington Titans.

OK, I’ll give you two seconds to get in your “A store opening in Torrington, what a miracle!” joke.

Now, moving on…

Seeing how the newest version of the Titans, led by Mike O’Malley, have embraced the city is encouraging. Opening a store in an area that has seen much better days is a pretty gutsy move. It’s a sign that the team isn’t just here to make a quick buck by playing at Fuessenich Park, and they’re rolling up their sleeves ready to do the dirty work.

Over the past four years, the focus, sadly and accordingly, regarding collegiate baseball in Torrington has revolved around ownership, ticket drives and the possibility of relocation or extinction. The play on the field was far down that list.

Obviously, we have to wait and see until the season starts if the Titans business model will pay off and whether the fans embrace them.

As of now, though, you get the impression this will work.


Job No. 1 that I’m glad I don’t have: high school sports schedule maker. Dealing with never-ending rain and having the postseason tournaments around the corner, all the sports are scrambling to finish the regular season. Sleepness nights and days full of aggravation are certainly in the cards for all Athletic Directors.


The NBA Draft is right around the corner and the latest mock draft I’ve read, this one on, has Torrington’s Jordan Williams getting selected by the Boston Celtics with the 25th pick.

Boston would be an interesting landing spot for Williams, who would likely see a good amount of playing time in the frontcourt with Shaq probably retiring, Glen “Big Baby” Davis looking to enter free agency and Jermaine O’Neal getting injured every other minute.

With a demanding coach in Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett’s insane intensity, Williams would get an immediate crash course on the NBA life.


Speaking of the draft, I was very happy to see the Cleveland Cavaliers win the draft lottery last night and at least get a little closure after the LeBron “Decision” fiasco last summer.

I was in Cleveland a couple weeks after that infamous announcement to see the Yankees, and the feeling of the city was very much like the Hartford area after the Whalers left. Just a depressed and hopeless feel to it.  

Hopefully, last night was the first step towards their new lives.


Not to sound like a ticket broker, but there are hundreds of tickets for under $30 available on Stubhub for this weekend’s Yankees-Mets series in the Bronx. I often talk to fans of both teams who wish they had the means to go to a Subway Series game.

With both teams unable to get out of their own way at the moment, this is your best chance.

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