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Athlete Profile. Zander Romanchick. Torrington High School football.

POSTED June 24, 2019
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

A dozen questions for THS junior, Zander Romanchick. 

What events will you be taking part of this spring?

This spring I am throwing Javelin and Discus with the track team.

What are you goals and objectives this season?

My goals for this season are to do my best and keep improving my distances.

What does it take to be at the top of your game in your events?

To be good at the events I do you need to be focused on the little things. When people think of Javelin and Discus, they think it's going to be so easy, until they actually throw it. There is a lot of technique involved. and lots of time needs to be spent just working on your steps.

How do your fellow football teammates make you better in the throwing events?

Some of my football teammates help me and push me to do better. We are used to working together as a team, so we already have that bond. Track is more of an individual sport, but we still help each other because we are a team.

When does Spring Football start?

Spring football starts May 28th and track will be over by then for me. 

What do you see your role being this year on the gridiron?

I see my role as center when football season starts. I hope I will play on both sides of the ball.

How long have you been playing sports and which ones have you played?  

I have been playing sports since I was four, when I began competing in the Connecticut Nutmeg Games for track and field. I have also played baseball.

You were a big part of the Warriors football program. How important was that time for you?

Growing up in the Warriors program taught me about being a team player, how to play fair, and the overall rules of the game of football. My father (Rich) was always my coach, and he taught me and all of my teammates that we are all brothers on and off the field. My dad, and the Warriors program helped me grow to love football. 

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

My future goals are to go to college and to continue to play football and track. My ideal job is to be a physician, but I am still considering going into my family's business. 

What does it mean to be a Torrington Raider?  

Being a Raider is about more than just football, we are a family. We are a family on and off the field. Those are my brothers. 

Do you see yourself taking more of a leadership role this fall?

As a Junior, I do expect to take on more of a leadership role. It is the responsibility of the upperclassmen to help out the younger players coming in, to set a good example, and help them adjusts to high school football.

What is something folks might not know about Torrington High School?

Something people might not realize about Torrington High School is that there are some really amazing coaches and teachers that go the extra mile for the kids. 

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