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Boston Gets Their Man.....

POSTED April 20, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

It was hard not to be glued to either a radio or television set on Friday as the entire City of Boston stood still (in their houses) as the manhunt for the second Marathon Bomber reached epic proportions. 

From the moment you got up Friday morning to the news of the gun fight the night before that left MIT police officer Sean Collier dead to the dramtic end on Friday night about 8:30 p.m. you wanted badly to see this end.

Didn't really matter how, dead or alive, but you wanted to see the 19-year bomber dealt with.

It's hard to imagine the stress the people of Watertown, MA went through as they were told to "shelter in place", a new phrase that we won't soon forget.

When the police and government officials announced late Friday afternoon that the search had not resulted in a capture, your heart sunk.

Another sleepless night for Boston with a killer on the loose.

Thank goodness for a guy who loved his boat.

A Watertown resident, allowed to go outside for the first time after a long time inside, noticed blood near a boat a neighbor said was "his baby".

He looked inside, saw the suspect and called 9-11.

Man, talk about cool in the moment.

Imagine the level of stress he felt when he lifted that cover!

After the letdown of a few hours earlier, your sense that something good was going to happen went through the roof.

When news came out that it was over, each of us cheered like the residents of Watertown did as police left the area.

That was as heartwarming a scene as one will ever see.

The police response, their bravery and dedication to bringing this terrible chapter to an end was inspiring.

We remember the victims of this horrible attack and will honor them by never giving in to any terrorist attempt to change who and what we are.

The crowd at the Boston Bruins came this week singing our National Anthem sums up who and what we ae.

When they got to the word FREE, I thought the roof of TB Bank was coming off. Yes indeed, we are and will always be free.

Shake the hand of an officer or EMS or firemen if you get a chance today, they earn it every single day.


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