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Boston "Run to Remember". By guest writer, Dale Jones.

POSTED June 07, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

I had the pleasure of running my first half-marathon on May 26th.  I had signed up for the Boston “Run to remember” in January to meet a goal I had set for myself following my first LHRR run.

I was also happy to be running with my daughter Andrea, and son-in-law Chris, both whom are veterans of several half-marathons. 

I just hoped they wouldn’t be too hard on the old man!

The race was a 7 a.m. Sunday start and runners picked up their bibs and gear at the Boston World Trade center the day before.

Imagine my surprise when I heard a familiar voice come over the loudspeaker amidst thousands of runners and vendors-the voice of Brent Hawkins! 

Hawk lends his talents to the “Run to Remember” same as he does for the Litchfield hills road race. 

Small running world I guess…

The day of the race dawned cold and rainy-41 degrees!

The spirit was amazing, as this was the first race this big in Boston since the marathon bombings.

10,700 of us jammed the race course and it took a full two minutes to begin running after the start gun sounded. 

13.1 miles is farther than this novice runner had gone before.

My previous best was 10 miles.

Training with nagging plantar facititis in my left foot, I cross-trained largely on a mountain bike and really had no idea if I could finish. 

It was worth every step as the run took us through downtown Boston along areas of the famous “freedom trail”, then along the scenic Charles river before circling back.

At 10 miles my foot was nagging pretty badly.  At 12 miles it was painful with every step. Didn’t matter. We ran every step and crossed the finish line at 2:21.

Given recent events in Boston, and the amazing spirit in that city surrounding this race, I was proud to have been part of it!

I might even do it again!

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