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Breaking down the Torrington 18-play, 72-yard drive that ate a quarter.

POSTED November 09, 2019
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

WATERBURY: It was a drive that took every bit of heart and soul that the Torrington football team could muster.

Down 6-0 at the half, the Raiders came out of the locker room on a beyond frigid night at Municipal Stadium and made a statement that spoke to what they had been doing all season to date.

They were going to run the ball and run the ball and then if you’re confused, they’re going to run the ball some more.

While it may not have been enough in an eventual 14-7 loss to the Holy Cross Crusaders, it certainly was something to behold.

Starting at their own 28-yard line, the visitors started an 18-play, 72-yard touchdown drive that chewed up 9:19 of the third quarter, ending with a one-yard touchdown run by Jacob Coleman.

After the extra point by Joey White made it 7-6, the Raiders had life.

It’s worth going through so here’s the play by play.

1-10-28 (own): Conrad Avallone 3-yard run.

2-7-31: Coleman no gain.

3-7-31: Avallone 8-yard run. First down. (1)

1-10-39: Coleman 3-yard run.

2-7-42: Avallone 9-yard run. First down. (2)

1-10-49 (HC): Coleman 5-yard run.

2-6-44: Christian Estefani 6-yard run. First down. (3)

1-10-38: Coleman 7-yard run.

2-3-31: Avallone 2-yard run.

3-1-29: Coleman 4-yard run. First down (4)

1-10-25: Avallone 4-yard run.

2-6-21: Coleman 4-yard run.

3-2-17: Avallone 2-yard run. First down. (5)

1-10-15: Coleman 3-yard run.

2-7-12: Estefani 3-yard run.

3-4-9: Avallone 5-yard run. First down. (6)

1-Goal-4: Coleman 3-yard run.

2-Goal-1: Coleman 1-yard touchdown run.

No play over ten yards, an average of four yards per carry. Six first downs, four third down conversions.

If it was real grass the expression of four yards and a cloud of smoke would have applied but with turf, well you get my point.

Down in the trenches, tough football, it’s what this years Raider team has made a living on and on it was never more on display than on the first drive of the second half against the Crusaders.  


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