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Bullying incident not indicative of what Torrington High School stands for.

POSTED September 13, 2017
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: On Monday afternoon, a little after two o'clock, a bullying incident occurred near Torrington and Oliver Wolcott Technical school involving several THS students who are now being investigated for an assault on a Wildcats student.

I know, it's still an 'alleged assault' but I saw the video like everybody else did. That's what it was. A group of tough guy knuckleheads ganged up on the young man while other morons taped the incident instead of stepping in and stopping it.

It seems to be how some folks in society do things now. Like rubbernecking an accident on the highway. We now tape everything, we look at it multiple times like it is going to change something.

What I also know is that it once again gives those who think Torrington and Torrington High School are horrible, gang filled places where you are lucky if you don't get stabbed or shot just walking to the store or through the hallways of the school, a reason to fear both.


In my 18 years of covering sports and over 25 years living here, there has been one consistent theme.

Torrington is a tremendous community, always has been and as long as we want it to be, it always will be.

We make up this community. If you want your community to be great, make it so.

Don't sit around and complain about how it used to be or spout that "kids these days" nonsense.

Remember, we were once the "kids these days" to some folks as we grew up, made mistakes and then became active contributors to society.

Do some never grow up and never become active contributors?

Of course. In every community on the planet.

It has been that way since we started walking upright.

Are there bad apples in this community? Of course, just like every community but I will not paint everyone with a broad brush.

Too often, we are real fast to point out when something is wrong as opposed to taking a look at the students and parents who are doing their best to do the right thing each and every day.

Most students who go to THS are trying their best to come out with a great education while perhaps being part of a team or organization that will help them in their future endeavors.

Before folk's judge what this community has to offer, one should ask themselves, "What am I doing to make where I live better?"

If the answer is staring at images on social media and casting blame on whomever they feel is responsible, then one long look in the mirror is necessary.

In some cases, folks will blame the parents and in some cases, that may be the case but young people still need to be held accountable for their actions.

Personal responsibility is key in this regard. In life outside of high school, what you do follows you, no matter how much you want to blame it on someone else.

If you take a look at the number of students who have gone on to great careers once they graduated from Torrington High School and then college, you would get a better sense of what the institution has to offer.

I see and deal with them these kids, year in and year out and understand that they get the fact that they make their community what it is.

Your town or cities name doesn't determine who you are or what you become, you do.

The students in this incident will be dealt with in a fair and consistent way, as this society of ours does.

Bullying has no place in this world and we will be helping the high school in their efforts at showing that over the coming weeks.

The young man who was bullied is getting a tremendous amount of support from both schools, as I would have expected. We have good people in these schools who have the students best interest at heart.

Let's just stop painting everything about this city and this high school with the same brush.

We should be better than that.

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