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Busy, busy time of the year for LCS. Bring it on...

POSTED April 04, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Gaffney’s Take

We are rapidly coming up on the ever-busy spring/summer season here at Litchfield County Sports and I for one, love it.

Operating at break neck speed is always fun for me. Things are going well when my office looks like the Tasmanian Devil raced through it twice with project juggling in full force.

Coming out of winter, don’t we all feel that little extra adrenaline because we can put the plow or snow blower away for the season and swap it with the lawn mower that still has last years grass plastered on the inside.

Ah, what a great smell when that gets wet.

Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to put it away cleaned out.

Like they used to say about the Brooklyn Dodgers, maybe next year.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up over the next three crazy months.

A Magazine Birthday Celebration!

In April, we will publish our twelve edition of this gem that is put together by my friends at Minuteman Press.

I can remember when I sat in the back office with owner Jack Reynolds in early March and first came up with the idea of trying something in print.

There were multiple pieces of folded papers and design ideas that started with a magazine that would be perhaps 10-12 pages at best but ended up 20 at that first print.

Reynolds and his staff (especially designer Sydney Ash) have been tremendous partners and friends throughout this process as we have grown the concept into something I could only have dreamed of back then. 

We have been blessed with tremendous support from the community which has had an overwhelmingly positive response to the uplifting stories featured in the magazine.

We have a truly amazing number of advertisers who believe in us and I can’t thank them enough.

Store sales are up over 50% since we started in the fall of 2017 and the trend continues to go up.

It was my goal from the start to make it a magazine that points out what goes right in our schools and communities on a daily basis and that will continue to be the driving force behind what we do.

We will be celebrating our one-year anniversary, on Monday, June 25., Hanq’s at 131 Water Street in Torrington from 6:30 till we all feel like going home or around 10 p.m. or so.

A special thanks to owner Kris Kelsey for allowing us to have the celebration at his location.

Kelsey is a great supporter of our efforts and of the local sports scene and is a terrific example of another guy who took a chance and made it work.

We will be inviting all the people featured on the covers to join us along with the public in toasting what has been accomplished so far.

Remember, the prevailing thought at the time was that print was a big risk, print was dead, but we took a chance, did the work and so far, (fingers and everything else crossed) it’s working.

So, join us that night if you can, there will be raffle prizes and giveaways along with some great food and company.

Look for more information on the night on our Litchfield County Sports Facebook page.

Torrington’s Kid Marathon

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Time: 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Location: Torrington High School

For the second consecutive year, I will be the coordinator of the Torrington Kids Marathon which will bring together grammar schools from around the region as they finish their Final Mile of a 26.2-mile journey.

A year ago, over 350 kids had a blast completing their task which started in March at their respective schools.

The program, inspired by Rod Dixon, he of the Olympics and New York City Marathon, challenges our kids to complete 25.2 miles over the 10-week period leading up to the Final Mile celebration, held at Torrington High School in the Robert H. Frost Complex.

Getting our kids out from behind their computers or video game screens is imperative if we want to help solve a rampant problem with childhood obesity which affects thirty (no misprint) percent of US children under 12-years of age.

Information on how you can volunteer is available on our Litchfield County Sports Facebook page.

The Fourth Annual LCS All Torrington High School Banquet

Four days after the Kids Marathon, we will host the event that celebrates 44 Raiders, two from each of the 22 sports available at the high school.

Coaches from each sport send us the names of two players from their respective sport who best represent what student/athletes should stand for.

They don’t always have to be the award winners or the ones who light up the stat sheet and very often our choices have not been.

It’s held on Thursday, June 7 at Chatterley’s Banquet Facility in Torrington from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

It is our chance to recognize some of the folks who may not otherwise be known yet deserve to be celebrated.

I say it here often, we need to point out what is going right in our communities whenever possible and this is a chance for us to do just that.

Winners will receive an invitation in the mail for themselves and their families to attend.

The event grows each year and again this year, two seniors (one male, one female) will receive a $250-dollar scholarship to use towards their college education.

Thanks to KDF Tree and Landscaping and Ed Arum for being the scholarship sponsors. 



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