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Cameron Cerruto sets off on his West Point Adventure. His Spotlight Feature.

POSTED June 26, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

On Sunday, July 1, 2018, Torrington High School graduate Cameron Cerruto will go dark to the rest of us as he dives into his career at West Point in upstate New York.

It’s time to train, or as Bill Murray said in the movie Stripes, “Army Training, Sir!”.

I have no doubt that this young man, who is embracing this opportunity with everything he has, will come out the other side of his six weeks walking tall and looking sharp like he did throughout his career as a Raider.

This Spotlight Feature will appear in the next edition of the Litchfield County Sports magazine that will come out after Cerruto is already in training so I’m putting it on the site before he goes.

Best of luck Cam, look forward to seeing you during fall baseball on campus.

How long have you been playing baseball: My first time playing baseball began in tee-ball, but it wasn’t until I was 10 when I began playing competitively for the Torrington Tornadoes

I remember you playing linebacker for THS during your freshman year, I think. What made you to decide to go baseball only: I played football for Torrington High School my freshman and sophomore year. It was a tough decision for me, although I believed I had the ability to make it further in my baseball career and the fall is where many college coaches recruit the most. Especially when I traveled down South to play in various tournaments in front of hundreds of college and pro scouts. 

What made you decide to be a catcher: I began catching when I was very young and loved it. I enjoyed being a part of every play and having the ability to lead the team in decision to place the ball, as well as being vocal from behind the plate.

What part of being a backstop do you like the most and the least: I love to call the game for my pitchers and throw out runners, blocking the ball is also great because it gives your pitcher confidence to throw any pitch necessary although getting hit in the legs or forearms where there is no padding is definitely not something to look forward to.

Tell me about the AAU programs you have played for and where they have taken you: I began playing AAU at 12 years old for the Hit Club. At 14, I transferred to the CT Force with the core group of guys from the Hit Club and at 16, I moved to play 18u baseball with the CT Blue Jays, which is where I reside now. I can promise you it has been the most fun I’ve had in my life. From playing the game I love, to the groups of guys I had the privilege to play next to, it shaped who I am today

What has it been like to play at Fuessenich Park: Playing at Fuessenich Park has been a blessing. There is no other field I would want to call home during my High School experience. The stadium atmosphere to the field itself is outstanding.

You come from an athletic family, including cousins, etc. How much has that helped you: It has helped tremendously. All of my cousins are older, and I had the ability to watch them in both High School and College. I noticed what it took to succeed, and I wanted to do the exact same

What awards have you won in high school and in AAU: I was the Captain for Torrington High School from Sophomore to Senior year, as well as my AAU programs. I have won multiple championships during AAU, broke the High School Home run record with 11, made multiple All-League teams and All-State and All-State Academic teams this past year.

Is there one you are the proudest of: Although I had two goals this past High School season to become the Home run record holder and make All-State and I fulfilled them both, the goal I’m most proud of is committing to a Division 1 program at one of the most prestigious schools across the country to fulfill both my baseball and academic dreams.

Describe to me what it was like to catch Brian Bassler when he made his comeback against Holy Cross earlier this spring: It was a heartfelt experience. Brian was an excellent pitcher for us through his career and with him going through the difficulties he had, the smile on his face is unforgettable. I wouldn’t have wanted to not be a part of that! He also pitched one hell of a game.

Has watching somebody like Brian go through something like he did help you with perspective on what's important in life: Most definitely. There is more to the world than baseball or hobbies. Brian faced a life or death experience and preserved! It is a blessing to be a part of someone life like him. I have never seen him without a smile on his face whether it was a good or bad day.

West Point. Tell me about what you are looking forward to the most and the least: There isn’t much I am not looking forward to, I mean obviously the yelling isn’t the most fun, but it is still a great experience. I can’t wait to be a part of an institution that will shape me into the best leader possible, joining the military and becoming a part of the Army Baseball Family

What has it meant to be a Torrington Raider: It has meant a lot. Many people have their own perspectives about Torrington, but I can safely say it has shaped me to become who I am so far. As long as you put your best foot forward, there is not a better place to be and love all my friends and whole class of 2018.

How have you improved as a batter over the last two seasons: I believe I improved a great amount. I began hitting with my coach that I still play for to this day. Coach Mike McGuire has not just been a hitting instructor or a coach. He has been such a great friend and individual to me and my family. He not only taught me the ways of baseball, but how to be the most respectable individual I could possibly be. In regard to hitting, he showed me the correct mechanics and mindset in the box. I wanted to always jump on the first strike as that may be the best strike you will see. Mechanically I felt great all year, but my confidence was out of the roof. When I step in the box I believe there is not a single pitcher that can beat me. It doesn’t matter if they have a good curveball, quick fastball, anything. I believe as long as I’m on time, I will put a good swing on the pitch thrown.

Best Regards,

Cameron B. Cerruto

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