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Celebrating Fathers. Luke and Lance Pepper on Jim Pepper.

POSTED June 10, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Being a coach means being a role model for every player on the team and being a player means giving it your all no mater what.

These roles take a different approach though when your coach is your father.

Playing volleyball under our dad have been some of the best years of our life.

Looking back, all those times he benched us instead of playing us have been well worth it.

We’ve become not only stronger players, but stronger people because of what he taught us. He’s been more then just a father for us, he’s been a role model, a mentor and our best friend.

This year alone, he’s made a huge difference with how our team played on the court. 

If he didn’t show us how much he believed in us since freshmen year, our team would not have been as good as we were.

But just as he respected the team, we respected him as a coach. We pushed through everything and made the final four for the state tournament.

But being his sons, he expects more of us. When we were in the gym, it wasn’t about family it was about sport.

We had to work harder then anyone else on the floor for the same amount of playing time. There was no such thing as playing favorites and no easy way out of situations.

This expectation is what he instilled in us while we were growing up.

Never give up and always give 110% no mater what you were up against. Always remind yourself of were you came from and to respect every individual you came in contact with. 

Our father has had a huge impact on both of our lives and we would not be were we are today with out him. 

He has helped us overcome obstacles and has been there for whenever we need him. 

We wouldn’t not be where we are today without the support and guidance he has given us throughout the years. 

Happy Fathers day,

Lance and Luke

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