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Celebrating Fathers..Casey Hill (Kasenetz) on Bruce Kasenetz.

POSTED June 13, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Happy Father’s Day Dad:

Written by Casey Hill (Kasenetz)

Growing up everyone called my father “Coach” or “Kazzie.” I was one of the lucky few who had the privilege of calling him “Dad”.  Just a few weeks ago I was given the honor of being inducted into the Torrington High School Sports Hall of Fame. What made the experience so special to me was the fact that I would be sharing it with my father, who was previously inducted for his efforts as one of the greatest football coaches in Torrington High School’s history. As I was writing my speech for the induction, I was thinking about my sports experiences and how my father influenced them. He might be the greatest coach I never had.

Growing up with Bruce Kasenetz as your father was and is pretty remarkable. He is a very passionate man with strong convictions, opinions, and drive. He always pushed those around him to achieve their goals, and it was no different for my brother (Thomas), sister (Haley), and me.  Most know him for his successes on the football field, both coaching at the collegiate, high school, and midget football levels. He has won several titles, has been inducted into three sports hall of fames, and named “Coach of the Year.” We, his children, simply know him to be the greatest dad.  While we will always remain proud of his achievements on the field, we are more thankful for the way he has impacted our lives and helped make us who we are today.

I stated earlier that my father might be the greatest coach I never had and rightly so. As a coach, my father was intense and compassionate. He commanded respect for both his staff and players. He was a motivator and listener, educator, and role model.  Players were pushed to be successful not only on the field, but also in the classroom. They appreciated him for it. Truthfully, I barely remember my father coaching football because I was very young when he was winning championships. Most of this testament is from letters that my dad still receives from former players, and stories his players share with my family. They still respect him for the principles that he shared with them. Principles such as: commitment, perseverance, dedication, and respect. Those are principles that my father also instilled in me. Like the commitment he showed his team, he has always been committed to our family. He remains happily married to my mother for thirty-one years. He travelled to all my sporting events, from varsity alumni (growing up), through high-school sports, and continuing through collegiate volleyball. Motivating me before, after, and yes…even during the games. The same was true for my brother and sister. My father and mother traveled to all of my sister’s games and competitions, both locally and nationally. My father has also travelled with my brother up and down the east coast for his baseball games. He would throw to him on the weekends and continues to do so today.

I have been fortunate to call a lot of wonderful people “Coach,” but I am more fortunate that I get to call my father “Dad” and myself his daughter. I hope he knows that his impact goes far beyond the sporting community, and by far I mean very close to home.

Happy Father’s Day Dad- We Love You

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