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Celebrating Fathers...The Nestor children on John Nestor.

POSTED June 16, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

What My Dad Means to Me.

James – age 11; Fifth grade 

Well my dad means a whole lot to me. He goes to every single sporting event I have!!! He goes to my school events like my band concerts.

He chaperones my field trips. He puts a roof above my head.

He puts food on the table well so does my mom but they work as a team, matter of fact we all do so in the end my dad means A LOT. And I love my dad.

Jack – age 6; First grade

Daddy means a lot to me because he takes me to his games for work and he takes me to my baseball.

He also cares for me and takes me out to do fun stuff. He helps me with my baseball in the yard. And I love him so much. 

Samantha - age 6; First grade

Daddy means a lot because he takes me to my soccer games and he coaches me too. When he has a work game he always takes me.

He rooted me on during my gymnastics recital. He also plays soccer with me in the yard. He built a chicken coop so my chickens can have a home.

He also hangs out with me. When I am sad he cheers me up. That is why I love him so much.

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