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Common Sense Prevails!!!

POSTED September 24, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Keeping the $2.72 million dollar field improvement project in the hands of the people who have worked tirelessly to get the student and citizens of Torrington what is desperately needed is a return to common sense.

That’s what happened on Monday night when the Torrington City Council approved a measure that would form a Building committee to start the ball rolling.

Heading this list, formally or informally is one Ed Arum. His name appears first on the list submitted by the council and approved by a 5-1 vote.

Arum is ready, willing and able to get this project off the ground by removing the ground on the worn out football/soccer field, replacing the Route 8 like substance covering what we now call a track and upgrading the bleachers.

On Friday night when the Raiders took on Wilby in football, the press box was a rocking.

And I don’t mean because we were all having a great time, the box was literally rocking from the student section energy in front and below us.

Good thing the old box is coming down before it falls down at some point.

So imagine if you will (big Twilight Zone fan) a place where the field is level and all who stand on the other side are the same height as they would be if the stood next to you. Of a track that you didn’t have to put cushions on your feet to walk or run a lap. New area’s for the high jump, pole vault and a long jump area that doesn’t make athletes choice between a win or a branch upside their head.

This was a gift and on Monday night, the fuss that truly made Torrington beyond ridiculous was swept aside by a City Council and outgoing Mayor Ryan Bingham who made sure the citizens and students from Torrington got what was earned through the efforts of the committee and State Representative Michelle Cook.

Keeping the original members of the Turf Committee in the mix is a just reward.

Folks like Mario Longobucco, Paul Denza, Mike Tyler, Mike Fritch Sr., Mike McKenna, Dave Bascetta and of course Arum amongst others have the communities best interest in mind and will get the most of this $2.72 million dollar grant.

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