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CPTV "Game Time" welcomes LCS....

POSTED October 17, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

ROCKY HILL: Well, of course the trip started out with Wilson and Gaffney getting a bit lost.

Wouldn’t be a road trip without the GPS (which could stand for Grand Piece of S…..) taking us around the Cromwell, Newington (passed the Lottery!) and final to the WFSB studios in Rocky Hill.

On Wednesday night, Litchfield County made their debut on the CPTV program, “Game Time”, a weekly 30-minute program that talks about state-wide sports stories at break neck speed.

Our good friend, and up and coming CPTV producer Frankie Graziano, along with John Holt of WFSB had set up this session a few months back so we could update folks on the Northwest Corner sports scene.

It’s the corner that doesn’t usually get a ton of state wide coverage, they don’t usually send out many State Champions but have their moments (Thomaston girls BB in the Class S finals a year ago, Torrington boy’s basketball with Tony Turina).

The studios of WFSB are impressive, we passed the retina test and made it through security after some heavy questioning (why was Gaffney a Met fan, etc.) and went inside the friendly confines to await the show.

Passing through, we met up with a busy news staff that included Denise D’Ascenzo, Dennis House and Hena Daniels all hoping they would not be up all night wondering if the government would re-open.

We met up with the legendary Joe Zone in sports area and settled in to get ready for the show.

Two high school football team reps were scheduled to be on before us, Fairfield Prep and Middletown and we met and talked with some real talented players and coaches before entering the studios.

Prep was led by head coach Tom Shea and players Colton Smith (QB) and Anthony Johnson (LB) while Middletown brought highly touted quarterback Dario Highsmith and head coach Sal Morello.

Both teams are in the Top 10 in most state wide polls and are playoff bound if they stay on their current tracks.

The Jesuits are 4-1 under Shea while the Blue Dragons are perfect at 5-0 behind Morello.

Giving these student athletes a chance to tell their stories on CPTV across the state and beyond once the show appears on their You Tube channel is a great thing.

Every kid dreams of being part of a highlight show and the boys at CPTV and WFSB do a great job promoting local sports on a nightly basis.

“Friday Night Frenzy”, as it was once called on WFSB, got the ball rolling in high school gyms and field around the state when they started a few years back.

One disturbing aspect of the studio was the cameras in the studio without the guy or gal behind it. Remote cameras have been in place a while but it seems to take a little of the mystique out of it.

What ever happened to the countdown of three, two, point finger approach you see in the movies?

After watching the first two groups go on, it was time for our four-minutes of fun.

Having had a radio show for five plus years now, you never have a problem getting either Rick or I talking about what’s going on in the area.

Our two messages we looked to get out to the masses focused on our site and the reaction to the Torrington High School assault cases from earlier this year.

Rick talked well about how this was never really a football story but a terrible incident that took place three months after the students involved were no longer part of the Raider football program but that the media continues to look at the football program as the problem.

I talked of our humble beginnings on the sidewalk in front of the WAPJ studios on Water Street in Torrington as Pat Tiscia, Rick and I talked about not having anywhere to write in the future so we decided to create our own.

Before we knew it, the 240 seconds of air time were up and it was over.

Another successful adventure as we continue to spread the word about what we are doing on the site and where we will be.

And I didn’t get lost on the way home.


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