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Didn't I warn you about the Mets?

POSTED September 21, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: I told you, didn’t I?

Just when you thought the New York Mets lead over the Washington Nationals had grown to an insurmountable (no such thing) 9.5 game last week I warned folks.

Take nothing for granted. They are the Mets and by that very definition, they May End The Season Sorrowfully.

The Matt Harvey debacle has created a situation that you have to think has been similar to poking one’s self in the eye, over and over until you can’t see.

Harvey and the moronic Scott Boris managed to take a pitcher and trust me, most of the blame falls to the hurler, who was revered in NY just a couple of months ago and made him into a side show.

Sunday night was, no question, just what should have happened. The kid pitches well but limited, the overplayed bullpen comes in and implodes.

Too easy to predict that one but it’s not really the Black Night’s issues that bother me, it’s the rest of the young pitching staff that has never pitched this late in any season to date.

Both Noah Syndergaard and Jacoob DeGrom have looked real human of late and at the worst possible time.

Add a batting slump that saw them score just seven runs over the weekend to the New York Yankees (although you had to figure the six runs per game average had to slump at some point) and you cannot, by any means, feel good about a six game lead with 13 to go.

Just reading that makes me scratch my head.

Who else thinks like that? A legion of Mets fans, that’s who.

I will be at the next to the last game of the year against the Nats but all I wanted it to mean was that I could get a cool blanket if I was one of the first 15,000 in the door, not a battle for the top spot.

Remember, the Mets are not in a position to make the post season via the Wildcard. It’s division or bust.

Is it out of the realm of possibility that the Braves (60-90), Reds (63-85) and Phillies (56-94) could all get ho over the next ten games leading up to the final series with Washington?

Of course not. There is nothing better than playing spoiler.

Please wake me when we clinch and don’t if we don’t.

I’ll be moving on to the terrible Jets and Giants campaigns by then.

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