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Dom Sabia. Talking sports on the LCS Cable 5 Show.

POSTED August 01, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: He speaks with an ease that distracts you from the fact that he is just about to enter his junior year at Torrington High School. His love and devotion to the craft he hopes will bring him to where he wants to be is worn directly on his sleeve.

I’m talking about Torrington’s own Dom Sabia, a guest on the Litchfield County Sports Show that was taped on Thursday night at the Cablevision studios and will air in two weeks on Thursday, August 13 at 8 p.m.

I taped two shows last night. The first with two great friends, Scott Langenheim from the Torrington Football Letterman’s Club and Sharon Pelkey from Special Olympics CT.

The second show featured just Sabia and I talking local and national sports and about his involvement in the Unified Sports Program at Torrington High School, a program near and dear to Pelkey.

Langenheim (the first show from last night will air on Thursday, August 6 at 8 p.m. on Cable 5) is a passionate former Raider football star who played in and won an astounding five bowl games during his time at Syracuse. Keeping history alive is a big part of what my friend Scott stands for and we will continue to help him in that quest.

Pelkey has repelled down 36 stories at Mohegan Sun for the “Over the Edge” fundraiser and will be heading down to Texas to do the same but from much lower distance in the 20-story range. Who says everything is bigger in Texas?

The fears that Pelkey has overcome are astounding. Start with being afraid of heights.

A great 47-minutes with two folks I could talk with for hours, they are that into what they are doing and it flows.

The second part of the night belonged to Sabia who, from meeting him a few times during the baseball season or through his work with Unified, seemed like a nice kid but perhaps quiet.

Could he fill a half hour talking sports?

Ha, silly me. I should know better.

The young man was as comfortable as anybody who has ever been on one of our shows.

Talking sports is kind of a universal relaxer, I think.

His knowledge of his craft and his understanding of what responsibilities go with being as gifted as he is was also evident in his demeanor and ease.

What impressed me most about the right handed slugger was how much he enjoyed his time as a buddy in the Unified Sports program.

We spoke of just how much both he and the Unified athletes get out of having a relationship that may not have existed before former Raider legend Gerry Carbone brought it to THS.

“Now when we see each other in the hall,” Sabia said, “We wave or give high fives and I think it helps the kids express themselves more.”

Too often it would be the Unified Sports kids who be the victims of bullying, they used to be an easy target.

Not so much anymore because of the program and kids like Sabia and all the helpers at the high school.

We filled the 30-minutes with ease and could have gone longer, talking Mets (me), Yankees (Sabia), crying in baseball (Mets) and what it was going to take for the Raiders baseball team to bounce back from a disappointing second half of 2015.

Sabia is a full time baseball guy, traveling the East Coast playing the game he loves with the Connecticut Blue Jays, an elite travel team that boasts some pretty talented alumni, including former UConn great George Springer (Houston Astros), former Housatonic and UConn standout Willy Yahn and Zach Risedorf, amongst others.

He understands the odds. It’s not easy to make ‘The Show’ but if the hard work and dedication continues, who knows?

A young man to watch, both on television and on the diamond at Fuessenich Park.

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