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Ed Arum for Torrington Super, hitting the track, the Mets fib and vacation thoughts. A column by Tim Gaffney.

POSTED July 25, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Can we just cut through the nonsense and make Ed Arum the interim (or permanent) Superintendent of the Torrington School system?

After another week in which we didn’t seem to get anything done (except to find out that the over payment to the IT company was far bigger than expected), it appears the Torrington Board of Education is no closer to finding a replacement for resigning super Cheryl F. Kloczko who it seems will be blamed for anything that has gone wrong over the past few years.

Was happy to hear that Kloczko will be going back into childhood education, something she is widely respected for and something that she can make a difference in, a task I don’t think anyone can accomplish with the BOE structured the way it is now.

Have heard that Arum is not one of the two candidates being seriously considered, something that doesn’t shock anybody who knows the inside situation and animosity between folks.

Arum, I believe, is the kind of guy who would simple eliminate all the BS and get things done. Nobody keeps everybody happy all the time but if we want to start heading back in the correct direction, something needs to change.

I know there are plenty of issues facing the BOE, the high school could certainly use a coat of paint and each school in the district has their own needs and that Common Core can be a nightmare.

Torrington Mayor Elinor Carbone wants to take a look at the school district books with the proposed audit and why not? The sooner everybody gets on the same page with what is in the best interest of the students throughout the district the better.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the BOE and the City Council actually got on the same page?

So here’s my vote for Ed Arum. I watched him navigate through endless roadblocks to get the Track and Turf project done and he has a track record when it comes to getting things done on the BOE.

Don’t be afraid guys, things may just get better and that’s okay.  

….Hit the track today.

It didn’t hit back so that’s a good thing right?

While on vacation last week, I did a little jogging on Mission Beach and in the airport (yeah I know) on the way back to CT.

Have to say it felt pretty darn good. Not worrying about the left knee I hurt almost two years ago every time I took a hard step is something I had been looking forward to for a good long time.

Now, the USA Olympic Committee is not going to be pounding on my door anytime soon but getting back at the business of getting in better shape had to start somewhere.

While we were on vacation in Temecula, California, we had a chance to meet up with a couple of friends from back on the East Coast, Torrington to be exact.

Two of Torrington’s best people, Mike and Susan Fritch, make the trip to San Diego most summers and spend a month visiting family and enjoying (what’s not to like?) the magnificent weather that one of the best places in the country has to offer.

Had breakfast at a place called Kono’s right on the boardwalk of Mission Beach and met up with Susan first as we awaited the arrival of the riding wonder known as coach to his Raiders girls’ basketball team.

Sure enough, the coach with the new hip cruised in and we had a tremendous breakfast with the six in the Gaffney party and Mr. and Mrs. Fritch.

It’s a wonder anybody is in shape in San Diego with the portions we experienced that morning and all week but if you ride or jog a bunch, I guess you get rid of it.

Just missed catching up with another T-Town legend, Paul O’Heron who was also vacationing in the land of the tan.

….So the Mets are going to make major moves before or at the trade deadline. Right and I’m going to get that 100-yard dash down to 15 seconds. I’ll believe it when I see it and given their track record, nothing good will come of this.

Heard a rumor about trading Zach Wheeler, who is recovering from Tommy John.

If they do, Wheeler will thank them by becoming a Cy Young award winner who will win more games than any of the four studs they keep.

It is after all, the Mets way. Paging Nolan Ryan.  

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