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Feels good to be back in the saddle.

POSTED March 08, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

UNCASVILLE: It’s been a wild journey back to the Mohegan Sun Arena for me, after a campaign a year ago that saw me make several appearances in this part of Connecticut, albeit in a stiff brace that made walking challenging to put it mildly.

Those who followed the exploits of this reporter remember the back yard slip, the pop, the surgery and the recovery that saw me not attempt to drive a car until late March.

Just in time for the run some of our local teams made in the State Tournament that found them playing right here at The Sun along with the UConn women’s run to their first American Athletic Conference title (number two should take place on Monday night).

I often think back to how things were back in the winter of 2014, a winter that saw me watch most of it from the pull out couch in my living room.

A long journey back was made longer by a truly awful winter that left my wife Deb in charge of cleaning up what seemed to be storm after storm after storm, while I cringed when I heard the forecast that always included the white stuff, or so it seemed.

Going into January of 2015, anytime I did anything, it was new to me, especially when it came to going out and covering anything and everything I could.

Old Man winter certainly has not gone easy on me, by no means. Once the storms turned on in mid-January, they simply refused to shut off. Monday’s became just another day to clean up outside, forget selling or going out to cover anything.

I was grateful I was not still on a Frito-Lay truck in this nonsense, the stress and strain of trying not to crash into things that at times seemed determined to make contact with you is something I truly don’t miss.

Making trips to both Hartford to the XL Center or to Gampel Pavilion brought me back to the days of having to anticipate just how many stairs a certain location had, was there a handicap ramp, might they have an elevator and could I find a way to bend my leg around table legs and the like.

You don’t know how much fun it is to go up and down stairs without thinking about it until you can’t. It’s pretty cool. Makes you walk a little more carefully so as not to end up back on a stretcher at any point.

As we prepare to wrap up the 2014-2015 on hardwoods around the area, not having to worry about any limitations whatsoever is certainly a treat and will allow for what looks to be a very memorable spring (?).

We have a very aggressive spring ahead of us and it started with this weekend’s three game series with the Huskie women who are playing in what has become known as the “UConn Invitational”.

The competition level in the AAC has not exactly been overwhelming to put it nicely.

Take their first game on Saturday that they won by 59 points over a Cincinnati team that they beat by more than 60 in their first two matchups.

Game two is about to get underway as I write this story against East Carolina, a unit that dropped an 87-32 final in their only meeting this year.

Monday night the Huskies should take their second straight AAC crown which will lead us into the AAC men’s tournament in Hartford on Thursday night.

Patrick Tiscia and I will be bringing you the action, from a team that has put themselves into the unenviable position of having to win four games in four days.

In between, the Thomaston girls will continue their attempt to get back here as they host East Windsor on Monday night with “The Cave” in full effect.

John Torsiello will have the scoop from the home of the Golden Bears while I will venture down to Waterbury on Tuesday night to check out the action at “The Pit” when Holy Cross takes on Enfield at a strange starting time of 7:45.

The fun will continue as the boy’s portion of the state tournament gets underway this week with all looking to bring themselves east to Mohegan.

Feels great to be able to freely take part in the ride with no limitations.

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