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Former Gaffney house guest Geltz, starts 2015 campaign with Tampa Rays.

POSTED April 05, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TAMPA: A funny thing happened while we were busy covering the Final Four. A good friend and hard -working young man fulfilled his dream of making a major league ball club right out of spring.

Steve Geltz, or Stevie as he was known to our then four year old granddaughter Skyy Elizabeth, made the cut this year and will be on the opening day roster for the Tampa Bay Rays when they take on the Baltimore Orioles on Monday afternoon at “The Trop”.

It’s not the Newfane, New York native’s first visit into the big stage dugout but will be his first time not being part of a call up or injury replacement.

Geltz, a right handed specialist out of the pen, something you don’t see every day, has been a pro since signing with the Anaheim Angels back in 20008 after a stint with the Torrington Twisters of the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

He made it to the majors for the classic cup of coffee in 2012 with the Angels and appeared in two games.

Last season, he finished the campaign in the pen for the Rays, who traded for him in March of 2013, and posted an 0-1 record in 11 appearances with a 3.48 ERA.

His forte has been the “K” since he started as a pro. In his career, he has worked 362 innings and has sent 481 batters back to the bench sad.

His stats have been very consistent throughout his journey.

2008: Rookie Ball. 2-0 record with 43 K’s in 28.2 innings.

2009: AA: 7-1. 73 K’s in 64.2 innings

2010: A (ADV), AA: 4-1. 87 K’s in 52.2 innings

2011: AA/AAA, 3-3. 68 K’s in 48.1 innings.

2012: AA/AAA, 3-1, 11 of 12 saves. 70 K’s in 59 innings.

2013: AAA, 5-3, 80 K’s in 67 innings.

2014: AAA, 3-3, 60 K’s in 41.2 innings.

 So as we enter the 2015 MLB campaign, we find another player coached way back in his early days by our friend, Gregg Hunt of the Torrington Twisters, who has kept himself in the mix long enough to find himself at the highest level, doing what he loves to do.

Good luck Steve, have a great season. 

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