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Gaffney, A-Rod, Aguelli, Lopes....

POSTED January 29, 2014
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson



            Can you stand a little midweek `Closer Look’? I mean who says you can’t look closer on a Wednesday or Thursday. So here we go.

            Let’s see, the Titans and A-Rod. All I have to say about that is where is Eddie Gadomski when you need him?  Other than that, tell me this never even happened…….I don’t know if I want to do it on a regular basis, but I like having the Super Bowl in New York. Sorry Mike Ditka. A little cold, maybe a little snow. Football weather. Let’s go and let the best team win……..Huge, huge girls basketball game at Lewis Mills Friday night when the Spartans host Nonnewaug for the outright lead in the Berkshire League and a major step towards the title. The winner doesn’t have an easy road to the title but is certainly in the driver’s seat.   Nonnewaug won the first matchup, 32-31…..Okay Tiger shot a 79 and missed the second cut. Call off school, lock the doors make sure bomb shelter is supplied. The world is ending, isn’t it? I’m not sure what is worse, the overplay here or the stock up on supply stories for the big 3-inch storm we are going to get. He’s not the Tiger of old but he isn’t dead yet either. Hey and I’m a Michelson fan. Next……Mr. Gaffney isn't ready to dance a jig yet, snowboard or boot a few field goals. But, he does have the hard cast off after his tumble down the back yard ripped a few things out of sort. He can now see that hinge called a knee. A big step. Before long he’ll be back dancing his way into your heart……The Berkshire League has now lost two solid Athletic Directors in recent months with Bill Ryan of Thomaston and Dave Tanner of Lewis Mills gone. Fred Williams, Linda Farrington and Co. have their hands full…..Kneegate (not Gaffney), the whole sordid Nancy Kerrigan – Tonya Harding ice-skating saga from 20 years old still fascinates. ESPN’s 30-30 has been airing an episode in recent weeks of the plot to remove Kerrigan from Harding’s competitive view by belting her in the knee. Damage done by Harding’s husband a few thugs. It didn’t work and you never saw so many stupid people in your life. But you still wonder about Harding. Did she know or didn’t she. Clearly she feels like a victim here if you watched. Good stuff…..Do you think coach Nick Augelli and his Crosby boys basketball program will ever go into a downswing? The Bulldogs or Old Ivy as they used to be known as have seemingly been on a never-ending run, currently undefeated again this year. Death, taxes and Crosby, huh?......Good to see Jerry Remy has decided to return to the Boston Red Sox television booth after taking a leave in absence in August when his son was arrested for murder. Remy is a good guy and a good listen. And no there is no truth that the Torrington Titans offered him their announcing job and offered to team him up with A-Rod…….Nice win for Ed Lopes and his Watertown girls over previously once-beaten St. Paul Monday night. The NVL playoffs are going to bear watching. Undefeated Holy Cross is clearly the frontrunner but Sacred Heart, Watertown, Torrington and St. Paul could raise havoc. Maybe not wide open but close to it…..

A belated public Happy Birthday to one very special young man, my son Jonathan who turned 14 last weekend. A good heart, a good young guy and one heck of a good start. And while we are on the birthday scene, same wishes to my brother, Gary who isn’t quite as young but every bit as good. Hard to believe so much time has passed……Not that a whole lot of people care, but my Orioles did a lot to improve themselves this off-season, didn’t they? Only kidding guys. They did trade their closer Jimmy Johnson but after that the best move was shoveling the sidewalk in front of the stadium…..Admit it if you are a women’s hoop fan, you want to see Notre Dame and UConn meet up. The Irish have become the new Tennessee……Enjoy the Super Bowl.  

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