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Gaffney ramblings on a cold spring morning.

POSTED March 25, 2011
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney


TORRINGTON.- Spring is here? Sorry I’m not that enthusiastic about making that statement but as I sit here and write this, it’s 26 degrees outside and I still can’t find any local team practicing outside!

Some thoughts from the great divide.

UCONN- Wow, can the Knicks get their hands on Kemba Walker and let the two big supposed stars go? This is one of those runs that makes you shake your head, As bad as this team has looked at times during the regular season, they have looked that much better since starting this remarkable run at the beginning of the Big East Tournament. No Duke? Not sure if that works for or against the Huskies but at this point who cares. Emotional momentum. They have it.

My Bracket- Sure. That about sums it up. I am currently ranked 3,182,578 in the ESPN on-line bracket. Look out leaders, here I come. At this rate, I’ll catch them when the Mets make money

The Mets- Or as the New York papers correctly call them The Mess. What else can you say about an ownership group that refuses to see the really big, in black magic marker, writing on the outfield fences. It’s time to sell. You can’t have one of the most valuable franchises in the National League, in New York, perform this badly off the field as well as on.-

It has gotten so bad that we Mets fans actually celebrate losing two players as opposed to picking up a few.

Granted, Luis and Olly had to go and stop clogging up the plane but I see little hope of any kind of quality season ahead. Count on me being one of those who does not make the trip to Flushing (appropriate) this season.

SPARTANS AND RAIDERS-What a season both girls basketball teams (Lewis Mills and Torrington) gave us

Both make it to the semi-finals in their respective classes after playing terrific regular seasons with the Spartans and good friend Dennis Fowler running the table all the way to 25-0 before falling to Weaver.

Torrington and University of Albany bound Sarah Royals gave us thrills all season and made a photographer out of this reporter by launching that now famous half court shot seen a few million times on YouTube. As I said from the start; a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut but being in position certainly helped.

RETURN OF THE TITANS-It’s not only a great movie title but will be seen again this summer right here in Torrington. Keeping collegiate baseball is an important piece of the pie in helping downtown Torrington re-energize. The new owners, the Carminucci Group, bring a new energy to the city and along with it a knowledge of how to make the business side of baseball work. The product on the field has always been good, through the Twisters years and with last years Titans team

Making coming to a game an event is certainly the way to go these days. The New Britain Rock Cats are a prime example of how to get families into the seats for a good price and entertain them all night, on and off the field.

Well folks, time to hit the streets in search of any spring team actually venturing outside.

I will not be denied!

See you out there.

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