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High School Hoops Confusion (and you love it)

POSTED February 06, 2011
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                            High School Hoop Confusion

                                                   (and you love it)

              You had to love the end of last week if you are a high school hoop fan. Well, most of you anyway. Fans of Nonnewaug and Litchfield in the Berkshire League and Crosby in the NVL can feel free to ignore the first line and utter a few unmentionables while they are shoveling another load of winter’s furry.

            As for everybody else, however, there was enough going on to heat up the nasty weather and melt those six-foot icicles that are hanging off of your house ready to impale the nearest target in a scond’s thaw.

            Start with Friday night’s doings in the BL. Thomaston 49, Nonnewaug 44. Really? Come on, must be a misprint. It has been a woeful year for the Bears prior to this game with a victory over Wolcott Tech and one night where all was right against Housatonic. Other than that, well, 2-10 prior to this game speaks volumes.

            The Bears were supposed to be just another little dance step for the league-leading Chiefs as they race toward another title. Except, nobody told the Bears and maybe somebody should have told the Chiefs.

            The Bears trailed, 11-0, and were down, 38-34, going into the final quarter. On the road. As they say, this is why they play the game. Thomaston coach Joe Frascatore hasn’t been this happy since assistant coach Mark Sousa invited him over for dinner to sample some of his wife, Joyce’s special spareribs.

               On the other side, Nonnewaug coach Tim Drakeley was looking for the Motrin bottle and an explanation for what happened.

            One of the team’s that stood to gain the most by Nonnewaug’s wins was Litchfield. But as the word of Thomaston’s win rumbled around the BL so did this score – Housatonic 37, Litchfield 35. Riley Lynch’s steal and layup with nine seconds left leaving Litchfield coach Jason Harlow trying to get a hold of Drakeley’s Motrin bottle.

            Maybe not as big as an upset as Thomaston’s win, after all the Mountaineers are a very respectable 8-6 this season.  Plus, Falls Village is never an easy out for any visitor. Still, you figured the Cowboys would be on top of this one.

            Gilbert and Northwestern maintained a degree of normalcy with wins over Wolcott Tech and Terryville respectively. But by the time the last scorebook was added up we had one doozey of a final three weeks in the making.

            Here’s what we have coming down the stretch. Nonnewaug (12-2) and Gilbert (11-2) have a game up on Northwestern Regional (11-3) and Litchfield (10-3). And the schedule is a delicious one.

            First of all, everybody has beaten one another. Litchfield lost to Nonnewaug and Gilbert. Gilbert lost to Nonnewaug. Nonnewaug lost to Northwestern and Northwestern lost to Gilbert, Litchfield and Nonnewaug.

            Follow all of that? No? Good!

            Starting tonight it gets wild. Litchfield hosts Nonnewaug in the area’s loudest gym. Note to fans, the WWE will be on next Monday night, too. Get off of your couch and go watch. The Cowboys also host Northwestern Friday night and Gilbert , Feb. 23.

            Nonnewaug has a rematch with at Gilbert, Feb. 14. Gilbert is at Northwestern Feb. 16 to go with its games against Nonnewaug and Litchfield.

            Bottom line: They all play one another. They all have beaten one another. Every game is a big game and who doesn’t like that.

            While the BL is setting up for a fantastic finish, the NVL was anything but business as usual. On Thursday night Kennedy used a few big-time performances from Trevon Seymore and Devon Petty to take it to seven-time champion Crosby in the Bulldogs own Palace, 67-54.

            Coach Ed Generali’s Holy Cross Crusaders are still undefeated in the NVL which decides its champion in the NVL Tournament. But automatic thoughts of a Crosby-Holy Cross battle may have to be realtered. Kennedy’s effort says it wants to be and will be a player.

            By the way, how about Watertown sporting an 11-4 mark after beating Torrington Friday night. Just had to throw this in. The Indians have been down so long that you have to stand up and take notice. Good for them.

            There is the usual normalcy on the girls side. Lewis Mills is light years ahead of the rest of the BL this season and unless weather cancels the rest of the season, this is tournament prep time for coach Dennis Fowler’s talented Spartans.

            The NVL has the usual title contenders on exhibit. Holy Cross continues to be undefeated but will lock up horns soon for a rematch with Torrington. The Crusaders won the first go around in part to Torrington’s foul shooting woes and this should be another good one with both teams ranked in the top 15 in the state.

            Don’t forget about coach Joe Mone’s St. Paul Falcons either. Since an early season loss at Torrington the Falcons have not a lost a game.

            This is the time of the season you lay in wait for. The results of last week had to get your basketball blood pumping a bit. It’s going to be a wild ride to the finish. Great in its own right and extra special to take our attention away from Mother Nature.



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