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Hot enough for you? Not as Hot as the Mets.

POSTED September 09, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: With the swift winds of late summer looking to descend on the Northwest Corner in the form of some heavy rain on Thursday and into Friday, the fall sports campaign just may resemble just that, fall.

For the past two weeks, summer has held a tight grip on the area and made the pre-season one that most athletes and coaches would more than likely want to forget.

Was a little funny seeing the scroll on the bottom of the television this morning, announcing the early dismissals that ha me wondering if I had truly slept a good long time and needed to go find the snow blower before it was too late.

Heat related half days is a new phenomenon around here. Texas sure, Torrington, not so much.

Guess they figure that if they get a half a day in, it counts towards the 180 and considering the temperatures make it even harder for anyone to concentrate, it’s probably a good move.

….Wow, to think that just three days ago I was killing the New York Mets for the mess that was Matt Harvey and the innings limitation-gate. Think I just started a trend.

First there was the remarkable comeback on Monday afternoon in a game in which I think I was happier to see the unbridled joy from David Wright than anything else. The guy has been involved in more terrible seasons than Jets fans and certainly deserves to be part of this magical ride, no matter how long or short it ends up.

Didn’t think it could get much better then came Tuesday night, Happy Harvey Night.

Harvey had set himself up so well with his weekend nonsense that of course he was not going to pitch well in a game described by his manager, Terry Collins as the “biggest start of his career”.

That he kind of laid an egg, even before the three run error in the sixth inning by Yoenis Cespedes, was almost fitting.

This game has a way of humbling you when you think you may be more important than it is.

I turned on the set when it was 7-1, laughed and went about having dinner and not paying the game much mind.

Okay, I did flick back and forth every once in a while and just happened to come in with two outs in the top of the seventh when the Washington Nationals turned into the Washington Generals for another night.

Six walks, a Cespedes three-run double and a very questionable sacrifice try by one of the Nats best hitter later the tide turned and when a guy named Kirt (Nieuwenhuis) homered off Jonathan Papalbon, I think I may have seen it all.

Poke them with a fork, looks like the Nationals are done.

Even if a guy I have always rooted for, Stephen Starsburg, gets the best of Jacob deGrom tonight, I still don’t think they have enough left to overtake the Metropolitans.

May that have been the kiss of death for the Amazins? Maybe, but I’m going to go with it none the less.

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