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How about a 4 p.m. Super Bowl start time?

POSTED February 06, 2011
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney


TORRINGTON-Well, it’s finally here. Super Bowl Sunday, or as I like to call it, that other National Holiday.

It has become a day when people who could care less about football gather around the drinks and food and commercials because, as Americans, we have never needed much of an excuse to throw a party.

Lord knows that after what we have been through outside for the last two months (seems like much longer), we could use a break and a distraction.

I couldn’t believe how happy I was that it RAINED on Saturday and didn’t snow or throw ice, hail, dogs, cats or anything else from the sky.

As the eternal optimist I tend to be (my blood type is B-Positive), I am hoping we have turned the corner this winter.

I feel for teachers, like my colleague here on this site, Rick Wilson, who hopes not to be in school come the Fourth of July.

My favorite line about how these missed days came from senior point guard, Nicole Bisson of the Lewis Mills girls basketball team.

“We hope not to have to come back from college to graduate,” Bisson lamented after another day off and another game called.

Great line. Scary that it might come true, but back to the football day at hand.

In my day job with Frito-Lay, no day warms our hearts (or wallets) like Super Bowl Sunday.

After a month of no activity in the chip aisles, the stores come alive the week or two before the big game.

It is one of our biggest weeks of the entire year, rivaling Memorial Day or the Fourth of July in a heartbeat.

You have to have chips after all, it’s comfort food. At this point in a relentless winter, who doesn’t need comfort.

My only complaint about this day is that it is two darn long. If (a big if) my team, the Jets had been in it, as Rex Ryan promised, I would want to get the thing going asap.

Starting at 6:29, or whatever time the fly-over that nobody in Cowboy’s Stadium will actually see (closed dome, only on big screen), this game can stretch until 10 p.m. or later easy.

I do have a vested interest in the game though as Mrs. Gaffney is a devote Steeler fan and I have rooted for them over the past ten years except when they play the Jets.

Pittsburgh has gotten the best of us twice over the past ten years and considering how hard it is to get to even the AFC championship game, it may be a while before I have to worry about it again.

You have to love the Steelers defense, they have always been amongst the best in the league behind the genius of Dick LeBeau who always seems to have something up his sleeve for opposing offenses.

The Green Bay Packers come in with one hot quarterback in Aaron Rodgers who can light up a scoreboard with the best of them, especially under a dome.

Will Rodgers be able to solve the Steelers “D”?

Starting this thing at 4 p.m. would not take away anything from the day except for cutting into the fifteen hour pre-game show in which we find out more about the players, coaches, ball boys and concession folks than we ever cared to know.

Parties would not collapse, there is still plenty of time to over-eat, drink and forget who is playing.

Folks may just get a few more minutes sleep and increase their productivity on the following Monday.

See? It would be good for the economy too, not as many lost hours of productivity from tired, hung over fans of the day, if not the game.

So anyway, here’s to the day we look forward to seeing which commercial makes us laugh the hardest or wonder why on earth anyone would pay those millions of dollars for a 30-second ad.

To the parties and the food and of course, the chips. Don’t forget the dip.

Oh yeah, and the game!

Timothy W. Gaffney’s Prediction: Steelers 27, Packers 17.

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