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I love the LHRR but........

POSTED June 23, 2013
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                                  I love the LHRR but.....


     Tim Gaffney has proclaimed that he will enter the fray and run the Litchfield Hills Road Race in 2014. While I applaud his commitment to a healthier life and his willingness to take on the legendary 7.1 run I will not follow him.

            At least around the course. I also need to get a little healthier and shed some of the cellulite and have started in the gym already but the LHRR is not on my training regimen. Here are 10 reasons why.


1.     Nobody needs to be exposed to me trying to drag my aging carcass around mid-town Litchfield and up Gallows Lane.

2.     Who would hold Register Citizen sportswriter Peter Wallace up in the press truck?

3.      The race is the second Sunday in June. I would like to live to see the sunrise on the second Monday in June.

4.    I don’t have any cool running shoes with all those colors. Nor do I have any of those nice shorts the runners run in.

5.    7.1 miles is a hike for my car, imagine what it is for my legs.

6.    I don’t’ want to end the Kenyan’s dominance (it’s a joke, okay).

7.    I would have to start training about five years ahead of time which means by the time I run the race I’ll be about 106 years-old.

8.    By the time I finished the race, the winners will be back in Kenya or Ethiopia or Blowing Rock, North Carolina (this year’s women’s champion, Esther Erb is from there).

9.    My wife would beat me and I would hear it for the rest of my days.

10.  I would not able to be enjoy Brent Hawkins’ resplendent fashion sense and dulcet tones on the announcing podium.


There are more reasons but I figure those 10 make my case. However, I reiterate that this doesn’t mean I am not trying to get in better shape it just means that I’m not a fool. A man has to know his limitations.


           It is a graduation time for the area high schools and time for us to say congratulations and thanks to all the teams and individuals that made this another great year to cover high school sports.

           At this risk of leaving out  some teams and winners, a couple of shout outs to the Torrington High girls basketball team on winning the NVL title, the Thomaston High girls basketball team on winning its third BL title in four seasons and taking us on a wonderful ride to the Class S title game at Mohegan Sun.

           Also to the Kathy Brenner’s Nonnewaug field hockey team, the Northwestern Regional boys basketball team on dancing through the BL season undefeated and co-coaches Tom Germano and Jim Davidson’s Highlander baseball team that plowed a path to the Class M baseball finals.

           The teams and individuals make it fun for us. Once again congratulations and to all the seniors, may the future take you to great places and great heights. 


           Also, hats off to a good friend of ours and one of the areas long-time outstanding coaches, Gregg Hunt, on his retirement as a teacher. Hunt spent three decades at Gilbert and Wamogo and is calling it a day in the classroom. If you know anything at all about Gregg Hunt then you know the students at Wamogo have lost a great friend and educator.


It would have been easy for Justin Rose to bow out of the Travelers Tournament in Cromwell after the grind of winning the U.S. Open last week. He didn’t. He honored his commitment. That’s called class, folks.



           The Torrington Football Letterman’s Club will hold their 4th Annual Golf Tournament this Friday at Fairview Farms in Harwinton. Good luck to all involved. The group can use your support for a program that has taken some hits (unfairly I might add) due to recent events involving THS students who were no longer part of the THS football team.  Time to look forward and honor a great tradition.


           Great to see legendary sportswriter Owen Canfield back pounding the keys after a long rehabilitation following a car accident last spring. Owen waxes about Arnold Palmer and Michael Summa in his Hartford Courant column today. Forever young Owen.


           I am heading across the pond for a little R&R for the next 10 days.  Keep this space warm until I return.

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