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Jessica Stewart Update. Five days until the fundraiser at the Litchfield Inn.

POSTED September 02, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Jessica Stewart Update

There are just five days left until the Jessica Stewart Fundraiser, set to kick off at the Litchfield Inn on Friday, September 7 from 5-9 with a buffet dinner served from 6-7:30.

On Friday, August 24, Jessica underwent a successful double mastectomy at CHH and is already getting ready to teach her first class this Tuesday as she pushes past this speed bump and into her future at break neck speed.

The outpouring of love and giving from a kind-hearted community that she is so richly intertwined with has been simply astounding.

On Friday night, we expect a full house at the Litchfield Inn to celebrate the completion of this part of her journey as we look to help propel her through the next phase.

Doing the pro-active double mastectomy turned out to be the right call as potential cancer cells were found during the procedure.

Stewart will still require radiation treatment on at least one of her arms over the next few weeks and faces an ever-mounting pile of bills that we hope to help eliminate with this event.

A reminder to all that since Stewart is still in recovery, this will be a no-hug event even though all will be tempted.

We’re calling it a Fist-Pump event so feel free to extend those fists and pretend it’s a hug.

The Litchfield County community has been marvelous, donating nearly 50 raffle prizes to date with more coming every day.

We will also have at least four major Silent Auction items, including a pair of photography sittings and a golf foursome at the Torrington Country Club.

Our largest silent auction prize will be a shot at renting a magnificent venue in New Milford for a party or wedding, valued at $2500.

More details on that as we get closer to Friday.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out so graciously looking to anything needed and by the looks of how many we think may show up, we’re going to need you!

Thanks to John Roller, the owner of the Litchfield Inn for his hospitality and to Billy Neller and John Bongiorno for lending their experience in setting up what will no doubt be a night to remember.

See you all at The Inn!  

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